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10 Examples of Forward Thinking: What it Means and Why It matters

There are many definitions of forward thinking, but the most basic one is to think ahead and not just for today. This article will discuss what forward-thinking means and why it matters. We’ll also give you ten examples of forward thinking that can help improve your company’s performance!

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What Forward Thinking Means

– forward thinking means that we need to be proactive instead of reactive because there are so many things outside our control

– forward thinking is not just about the present and what’s going on right now. It’s also about future success and planning ahead

– forward thinking is a way to avoid being caught off guard by having a plan for whatever may come in your direction in the future

Why Forward Thinking is Important

  • being able to think past today improves focus on long term goals which can lead to better performance year after year at work or school
  • if you want something badly enough, then set some time aside each week/month/year until you have made significant progress toward achieving that goal
  • planning ahead also helps you to focus on your priorities and avoid distractions

What’s The Opposite of Forward Thinking

Backward thinking refers to decisions based solely on past experiences instead of plans about where things should go from here. We must think ahead so that our efforts aren’t wasted because they aren’t going towards any greater goal/purpose.

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Examples of Forward Thinking

1. create a long-term vision for where you want the company to be in five years; this way, everyone is working toward one goal. Long term goals make it easier for teams to work together effectively towards a shared mission instead of doing what they think may look best at that moment without any regard or consideration for others involved

2. creating an action plan will help guide us from point A (current state) to point B (desired future shape). The more detail, the better–don’t leave anything out! This can include things like core values, deadlines, milestones, etc. If something isn’t working, then use this plan to help you see where things aren’t going as planned and work on changing it

3. if we want to reach a goal, we must identify the steps to get us there. Having these milestones allows for focus and motivation when times get tough, or progress isn’t happening as quickly as hoped

4. think about your strengths and what is most important to you; make sure those two characteristics match up with your current job role/vocation so that they are used in the best way possible

5. ask yourself each day, “What can I do today which contributes towards my goals?” Ask yourself this question at different points throughout the year, especially before any significant changes occur (prom etc.) – set aside time each month to reflect on the previous months and see what you have accomplished towards your larger goals. Looking back at these critical milestones will help remind you why they are essential so that when times get tough or progress is slow going, it’ll be easier to stay motivated

6. planning a few things can also mean taking preventative measures for possible future problems/concerns before they become an issue in the present

7. If you can’t predict the future, it is better to plan for every scenario. The more prepared we are, the less likely it that something will derail our progress

8. no matter what industry you work in or how large your organization may be, forward thinking means working towards a shared goal and not just looking out for yourself


if forward thinking isn’t doing anything for you now (or hasn’t done anything yet), perhaps try taking some risks to push things further than they currently are at this moment. You never know where these changes might lead! And remember, don’t let fear of failure stop you from trying something new because there is always learning involved when stepping outside your comfort zone. These risks can lead to the next ample opportunity.

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