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What is clout? In short, clout is money or social status. Clout chasing means people who try to exploit something controversial solely for their own gain. More importantly, clout chasers don’t believe in what they are doing. They often display some of the following characteristics Narcissism Lying One-sided thinking Denial […]

What is clout chasing

Thousands of Americans marched in Washington on Saturday, backing Trump’s claims of fraud in elections. The rally termed as “Million MAGA March” included Trump’s supporters holding flags and shouting the USA!” USA!” “We want Trump! We want Trump!” and “Four more years! Four more years!”. The charged crowd gathered at […]

“Million MAGA March” supports Trump’s claims of irregularities in the election

Most of us probably try not to rant. Like it’s not a good look in any medium. So this essay looks at ranting and how it may be one of the few things not to be normalized. Or at least it is normalized only within certain contexts. When humans first […]

Is the media angry? 3 potentially crushing reasons why