Activism Topics For Essays: 10 Ideas For Your Next Project

The need to be heard is universal. There are many different ways in which we can make our voices heard and work for change.

This blog post will explore some topics that have been more popular recently and some other ideas for activism essays you may want to consider if you’re working on a project.

Recent Activism Topics

The #metoo movement has helped victims across the globe come forward with their stories of sexual assault and harassment, giving them a platform to share their experiences and find solidarity amongst others who have had similar trauma.

#Blacklivesmatter was created by three women after George Zimmerman was found not guilty following his trial

Activism Essay: How It Starts

Many different writing styles can be used when writing an essay for this assignment because it allows students to write on any topic they want regarding these issues.

One of the most popular styles used is the narrative essay, which is a firsthand account of your own experiences with this topic.

Essay Types

Narrative Essay

There are two ways you can approach writing this type of essay: you can write about yourself or somebody who has had any experience with either immigration, LGBT rights, or the Muslim Ban.

If you don’t feel comfortable using your own experience in writing an essay for this assignment, then you can use somebody else’s story and relay it through a first-person point-of-view as if it was your own story.

Informative Essay

These types of essays inform the readers about history or current events. These essays are similar to persuasive essays because they try to convince the reader that a particular viewpoint or action is correct over another one.

Activism Topics: Personal Essays

1) Discuss how your activism is affected by the current political and social climate.

2) Do you feel like activism has become more complicated in recent years? Why or why not?

3) How does your experience of being oppressed affect your participation in activism as it relates to other communities that are oppressed, such as LGBTQ+ folx, people with disabilities, etc.?

4) What do you think about the role of privilege within contemporary American society, and what can we do to dismantle it?

5) Is there anything that would make you want to stop protesting altogether? Why or why not?”

6) What is one thing that scares you about participating in activism?

Student Activism Topics

  • School Funding: How much funding should go into public schools versus private schools? Should we have as many reforms as possible or more money allocated to fix the problems within our current systems?
  • The Common Core: Do you think it’s a good idea to implement this new standard across all grades in America? What do you think would happen if we did not adopt it at all?
  • Testing: There are so many
  • Critical Race Theory

2022 Relevant Activism Topics

We’re all familiar with the topics of feminism, equality, and LGBTQ rights. But what about other issues that need more awareness?

The first issue is human trafficking. This is one I know little about myself, but it has always been on my mind.

Not only does it take advantage of people in poverty-stricken areas around the world, but there are also cases where women and children from wealthier countries are trafficked as well.

The second topic is mental health in schools which affects students worldwide every day through bullying or neglect by teachers who don’t know how to help them because they haven’t received any training themselves.

Final Opinion On Activism Topics

In conclusion, there are many great activism ideas for essays and projects. With a little creativity, you can come up with something that will be interesting to your audience while also holding significant meaning or purpose.

Activism is important because it brings awareness to certain issues people might not otherwise pay attention to. It’s essential that we all do what we can in order to make a difference in the world, and activism is one way to do that.


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