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How Criminal Justice Reform is Needed to Change the World

Criminal justice reform is one of the most critical topics in today’s society. The criminal justice system has been under fire for years, with critics arguing that it is too costly and ineffective at reducing crime. However, criminal justice reform movements are working to change this by promoting more humane criminal codes, reevaluating prison sentences, and providing programs to help inmates become productive members of society after they are released from prison. This article discusses how criminal justice reform is […]

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The Slacktivism Guide For Well-Meaning But Misguided Slacktivists

Slacktivism or slack activism is a new form of social media-based activism growing in popularity over the past few years. Professor Thomas Goode first coined the term slacktivism to describe the slackening of political participation because of online content. The Slactivists guide to Slacktivism Slacktivist groups are made up of activists who have joined together for a cause on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Slactivism can be used as an umbrella term for many types of slacktivist activity, […]

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Social Movement Analysis: the Anatomy of Occupy Wall Street and New Social Movements

Introduction to Occupy Wall Street In this article, we will discuss occupy wall street and the many social movements that have been inspired by it. We’ll also explore new social movement examples and help you identify if a new social movement is happening near you. Many people believe occupy wall street was an isolated event, something that can’t be replicated elsewhere. But occupy wall street has created activist networks worldwide connecting different groups fighting for change in their communities. And […]

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The Most Famous Gay People in History

Many famous people have been gay. These famous gay people have inspired countless others with their bravery and creativity. In this article, we’ll take a look at famous gay people in history and the impact they’ve had on society. The Most Famous Gay People in History Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde was a famous Irish poet, playwright, and novelist. He wrote famous works such as “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” and his plays have been translated into over 50 languages. After […]

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Frank Kameny: Hero of the gay rights movement

Frank Kameny was the founder of the gay rights movement. He was born in 1925 and died on October 11, 2011, at the age of 86. His activism began in 1957 when he looked out his window and saw two young men being arrested for kissing in public, which is illegal under a D.C. “sodomy law.” This sparked Frank’s anger against these discriminatory laws, and he filed lawsuits to try to overturn them. In 1965 Kameny organized pickets outside the […]

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Women’s Equality Day: Cheer for Equal Pay and Rights for Women

Introduction to Women’s Equality day The National Woman’s Party created women’s equality day, and it has been observed on August 26 since 1987. It is not a federal holiday, but many companies observe the day as such. The resolution for this day was passed unanimously in Congress on September 23rd of 1985. On average, women earn about 79 cents for every dollar earned by men doing similar work–even though they make up 45% of all workers in America today! This […]

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The Pros and Cons to Protesting: Famous Protests worldwide

The use of protests as a form of civil disobedience has been around since human civilization began. Protests have always been a key part of the history of our country, and they continue to be integral in modern-day life. They are used for many different reasons: to demonstrate against injustices, voice opinions on controversial topics, or stand up for what you believe in. Protests are often seen as one of the most powerful forms of nonviolent activism because they create […]

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Celebrity Activists List: Which famous activist Is Fighting for What?

Celebrities have played a significant role in raising awareness of various social and environmental issues. In recent years there has been an increased use of celebrities bringing attention to different problems. Follow us as we dive into the most extensive list of celebrity activists. Is celebrity synonomous with “activist? Or, when you think of activists, do you only see images of protests and picket signs in hand? The term is often associated with a group that stands up to injustice. […]

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Activism vs Advocacy: Which One is Viewed as More Effective?

In the modern world, activism vs advocacy is two terms that have become synonymous with each other. Some people think that activism and advocacy are the same things. They’re not. Activism takes direct action to fight for social change, whereas advocacy uses your voice to create positive societal change. The difference between these two may seem small, but there’s a world of difference between them. Let me explain what I mean. Activism vs Advocacy can be difficult to discern. Advocacy […]

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7 protestors who are effecting change to this day

Who are the protestors who are effecting change? They’re not just politicians or activists, but everyday people. These 7 protestors have had enough, and they fought for justice in their own way. Read on to find out more about these amazing individuals. These people are known for their protests and their accomplishments afterward, which makes them truly inspirational figures in our world today. These seven have in common that they were able to use their voices to make change happen. […]