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Activist groups list you probably didn’t know existed but should

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Do you know what the top five issues facing your community are? If not, there is a new site that will help with that. Activist groups have teamed up to create “We Know What Matters,” where you can find organizations in your area working on these and other important topics. In addition to finding out about these causes, you can also donate time or money to them!

Activist Groups List

This website provides information on activist groups fighting for social justice by listing their campaigns and what they do best. There are many different types of activism happening all over the world; from anti-war efforts, protecting animals’ rights, standing against homophobia or racism, and more. This website lists an extensive list of campaigns for anyone looking to get

Thousands of activist movements are operating worldwide, intending to shape our society by raising their voices against violent norms. These activist groups struggle to bring social change by empowering women, educating children, breaking taboos, and protecting fundamental human rights. Many activist groups and movements are renowned for their social services; however, others transform society without admiration.

Here is a list of fifteen activist groups whose names you might never have heard before.

1.Operation Libero

Operation Libero, co-founded by Flavin Kleiner, is a liberal transpartisan movement in Switzerland. Based on liberal principles of justice, multicultural citizenship, and constitutional patriotism, Operation Libero promotes a diverse and all-embracing Switzerland.

The organization with a strong core has started and won several progressive campaigns.

Due to its struggles for freedom of movement between Switzerland and the European Union, liberal immigrant policy, and climate change, it is regarded as upheaval in the Swiss political landscape.

2.Mesa de Mujeres de Juárez

Mesa de Mujeres de Juárez is a Mexican anti-femicide movement committed to ensuring women’s rights protection and gender equality. The non-profit organization was started more than two decades ago, and now it has become a network of  10 civil activist groups striving for women’s development.

The whole network is keen to help vulnerable women by providing them with phycological assistance, safe shelters, health, and education.

3.Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion (EX) is a global environmental movement aiming to persuade governments to take exceptional initiatives regarding climate change. The non-partisan organization was established in the U.K. in 2018 by Roger Hallam and Gail Bradbrook. Since that time, it is using non -violent actions to save the world, at the brink of climate catastrophe.

Extinction Rebellion was launched with the core objective of employing non-violent civil disobedience. The movement aims to compel the governments to act justly on climate emergency to make the world a better place for the next generations.

4.FEMNET (The African Women’s Development and Communication Network)

FEMNET is a pan-African, Nairobi-based organization dedicated to strengthening women’s voices and rights in Africa. It is a membership-based feminist group with over 800 members across the 49 African countries.

Established in 1988, the network has played a primary role in empowering the women of the entire continent by influencing the global decision-making process. FEMNET is working for women’s progress at all levels by sharing helpful ideas, strategies, and information with them to make them productive.

5.The Good Lobby

The Good Lobby is an innovative, non-profit skill-based organization committed to expanding professionals’ network in different disciplines.

Good Lobby was founded by BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and Taproot Foundation in 2013 with the objective of “equalizing access to power.” Since the beginning, this organization is pursuing its goal by inspiring, training, and helping individuals to influence the policymaking process. 

It enables the citizens to achieve their goals by training and connecting them with civil society organizations looking for skillful professionals.

6.A Growing Culture

A Growing Culture is a non-profit organization fighting for farmers’ rights, freedom, and autonomy. The organization supports agroecological innovations and research, assisting farmers to revolutionize conventional agriculture practices.

Established in 2010, A Growing Culture aims to build the Library for Food Sovereignty to connect farmers worldwide to create a more sustainable food system. The organization empowers the local leaders to take ownership of their agriculture system to exchange knowledge and advancements to flourish.

7.Food First

Based in Oakland, Food First focuses on eliminating global hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation by introducing sustainable food systems. The organization targets to create a world where all people have equal access to ecologically cultivated healthy food.

Established in 1975 by Joseph Collins and Frances Moore, Food First cohorts with other organizations to terminate injustices causing hunger. Currently, the movement is working on East Bay Urban Farmer Field Schools project to connect farmers in the San Francisco East Bay region to share agroecological knowledge with them.

8.Charity: water

It is a New York-based non-profit organization struggling to provide clean and safe water in developing countries. Founded in 2006, Charity: water has financed more than 59,000 in 29 countries with the mission of delivering clean water to over 11.6 million people. The organization supports deep drilled wells and water filtration systems to combat the water crisis across the world.

Charity: water is not only committed to providing safe water; it is revolutionizing people’s thoughts by involving them in their mission. Rather than collecting money, it helps the people to start their own campaigns for fundraising.

9.Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife is a U.S.-based national conservation organization committed to protect and restore native animals and plant species in North America. In collaboration with local communities, it has been endorsing pro-wildlife legislation for over six decades.

Defenders of Wildlife is working to safeguard threatened species such as American bison, black bear, and Alaska grey wolf by influencing policies and law-making processes.

10.BirdLife South Africa

BirdLife South Africa is a non-profit environmental organization in South Africa with more than 5000 passionate members. The organization is enthusiastic about preserving the country’s natural environment and birds by initiating Bird Areas Program. 

It is focusing on conserving and improving birds’ habitats to prevent them from endangered. Apart from launching innovative programs, BirdLife South Africa produces its own magazine, “African BirdLife,” to promote its mission of protecting birds.

11.The Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia (COSA)

COSA is a non-profit organization committed to stopping human trafficking and child exploitation by equipping them with education. Founded in 2006, the Thailand-based organization is operated by Mickey Choothesa. It works directly with communities who traffic their children to them, aware of the importance of education.

COSA has initiated various programs, including Medical Outreach and Social Aid In Communities (MOSAIC) and Providing Access to School and Safety(PASS)to ensure free medical and transportation services to children living in high-risk communities.

12.Global Literacy Project 

Global Literacy Project (GLP) is a non-profit organization devoted to eliminating poverty from the world by empowering people through education. The organization is taking firm initiatives to educate people worldwide by providing them free books, programs, and teachers. Global Literacy Project is dedicated to creating a reading culture in illiterate areas of South Africa, India, and the Caribbean.

13.Anti-Slavery International

 Anti -Slavery International is an organization working to eliminate all forms of slavery in the world. Established in 1839, .it is one of the oldest activist movements that spread awareness about child labor, migrant exploitation, forced marriage, slavery, human trafficking, etc.

Anti -Slavery International is committed to end the fistula of slavery from the world by pressing governments to introduce and implement laws to free the people from all forms of slavery.

14.Womankind Worldwide

 Womankind Worldwide is a UK-based organization working for women’s empowerment and rights. The International organization, established in 1989, is committed to bringing real change in the world by eliminating women’s discrimination and providing them with transformative programs.

Womankind Worldwide struggles to help girls and women by providing them with shelters, technical support, funding, and working opportunities. Currently, the organization is working with women’s rights groups in Nepal, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Uganda, etc., to create a world where they could feel respected and valued.


Promundo is an organization that is working to promote gender equality and justice across the world. It is committed to stopping the harmful gender norms by providing men and women opportunities to work together.

According to Promundo, the only way to bring sustainable change is by engaging men and women in activities where they see themselves as a partner. Promundo was first established in Brazil in 1997, and until now, it has worked in more than 40 countries. It works in collaboration with local activists and governments to introduce new legislation crucial for bringing social change.


As you can see, there is a wide variety of activist groups and activists making waves in their fields. We hope that you better understand these activists’ power to make a change after reading this post. If you want to get involved with any of these organizations or learn more about them, we encourage you to visit each group’s website for resources and information on how to help out from your own home. Alternatively, if activism sounds like something you’re interested in but doesn’t know where to start, check out our blog post “What Is Activism?” for some helpful suggestions! Which of the following activist groups do you think could use your support?

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