Activists to raise awareness about mental health problems

Mental health is crucial to living a healthy life, decision-making, and handling a stressful situation. Sometimes, stressful events such as relationship concerns, money issues, and the trauma of losing jobs severely impact our mental health.

Mental health problems are common among people around the world. According to a survey, 1 in every four people have faced such issues, and unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak severely impacted people’s mental health.

Social isolation, unemployment, fear of the contracting virus, and the sorrow of losing beloved ones further exasperated the existing mental crisis.

Considering the high prevalence of mental health problems, many activist groups are working to spread awareness. They are developing apps, founding non-profit organizations, coordinating drives for fundraising, and building support networks to help people cope with the mental crisis.

Here is a list of some mental activists who are doing a great job of reducing mental health stigma.

Alison Darcy:

 Alison Darcy, an American psychologist, and a mental health activist. As a founder of the mental health care firm Woebot, she is devoted to making mental health facilities accessible to everyone. As an advocate of mental health problems, Darcy is on the mission of eliminating all hurdles that hinder one’s access to quality health services.

 In 2017 Darcy also founded “Woebot,” an artificial intelligence-powered app to help users monitor their moods and manage their mental health.

Bhargavi Davar:

Bhargavi Davar is an Indian mental health activist and Director of The Bapu Trust, an organization dedicated to promoting India’s mental health.

Being a part of an activist group, Davar has published several journal articles, including the Mental health of Indian women to recover people who have a mental illness.

Jonny Benjamin:

Jonny Benjamin MBE is a blogger, vlogger, and British mental health campaigner. He started a social media campaign called  Find ‘Mike’ in January 2014 to look for a stranger who had spoken to him about taking his own life in 2008. The purpose of the campaign was to educate people about mental illness.

In 2016 Jonny launched ThinkWell, a mental health program to educate children about the significance of mental health at the school level. He also wrote two books in 2017 to raise awareness regarding the mental crisis.

In 2019, along with Neil, Jonny unveiled his latest mental health charity program, “Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma,” to provide young people and their families mental health support.

Gabby Frost:

Gabby Frost is a 20-year-old rising junior at Drexel University who initiated a suicide prevention program called the Buddy Project. Through the program, the mental health activist connects teenagers and adults to help them restoring mental health.

Besides the project, she regularly tweets to promote mental health education and awareness worldwide.

Mental health is essential to lead a happy and successful life. These personalities are the inspiration for everyone to step forward and help those struggling with mental issues resume normal living.