Air pollution facts and causes

Air is the medium we breathe in. It is the reason we are living. Unfortunately, we seem not to be much concerned about protecting this asset as we should be. 

In recent years, air pollution has hiked to new heights, and who is responsible for this notorious increase?


Our negligence has been deteriorating the atmospheric condition. Burning of fossil fuel, exhaust from the industrial chimneys, and automobiles are posing unprecedented damages to the environment, and the effects are apparent in the form of Death. 

According to the World Health Organization, 9 out of every 10 individuals breathe in the air with contamination levels greater than the WHO guidelines.  

As a result, almost seven million people die each year from air pollution.

There is no doubt that increasing stroke cases, cardiovascular diseases, and pulmonary diseases are the fruits of air pollution. 

The disturbing thing is that contaminated air has started trespassing the other systems of the body than the heart and the lungs. 

As Cristiana De Lia, clean air campaign lead at Global Action Plan, wrote,

“Air pollution impacts are not unknown, and increasing evidence is shining a light on several more concerning impacts, not just for our respiratory systems, but for our memory and mental health as well.”

The results of a recent study also support this conviction. The research conducted in China under Luxia Zhang, MD, MPH, and Shaowei Wu, MD, Ph.D. (Peking University) traced the potential relationship between air pollution and kidney diseases. Sad to say, the outcomes were not very pleasing. 

“Approximately 10.8% of participants had chronic kidney disease. Each 10 μg/m3 increase in the concentration of fine particulate matter at a participant’s address was associated with a 1.3-times higher odds of having the disease. This link was significantly stronger in urban areas, males, younger participants, and participants without comorbid diseases.”

This brings us to the point where we should think, how to overcome this dilemma?

In this matter, each individual has to take the responsibility of purifying the air and avoiding the activities that feed to the pollution. The government and the council must keep a strict eye on the pollutant’s disposal from the factors and should punish the owners in case of law violations. 

What are you doing in your capacity to avoid air pollution? Let us know your efforts in the comments below.