Air Pollution And How The World Fights Back

Air Pollution And How The World Fights Back

Air Pollution And How The World Fights Back
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The causes of air pollution aren’t so obvious, even though Air pollution is a significant problem. Many people are unaware of how bad this issue can be, especially for children who may suffer from asthma attacks when they contact air pollutants.

Air Pollution Dangers

Air pollution can cause lung cancer, respiratory diseases, and asthma, whether from industrial emissions or car exhaust. It affects not only adults but children too. Children are more susceptible to air pollution because their lungs are still developing, breathing faster than adults.

The most important thing you can do for your family’s health is to keep them safe from the dangers of living in an urban environment such as this by reducing exposure to environmental pollutants like air pollution.

You may not always control where you live or work, but there are some things you can do now to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm: avoid busy streets when.

Air Pollution Alert

Air is the medium we breathe in, and it is why we live. Unfortunately, we seem not to be as concerned about protecting this asset as we should.

The causes of air pollution have ramifications for humans and animals alike. It can cause asthma, heart disease, lung cancer, and other respiratory diseases.” “When there are high levels of particle matter in the air, we have an increased risk for stroke or heart attack.

A recent study found that women who live within 500 meters of heavy traffic areas were more likely to develop breast cancer than those living farther away.

Air Pollution And Responsibility

In recent years, air pollution has hiked to new heights, and who is responsible for this notorious increase? Humans. 

Our negligence has been deteriorating the atmospheric condition. The burning of fossil fuel, exhaust from industrial chimneys, and automobiles are posing unprecedented damage to the environment, and the effects are apparent in the form of Death. According to the World Health Organization, 9 out of every ten individuals breathe in the air with contamination levels more significant than the WHO guidelines.

More Air Pollution Dangers

There is no doubt that increasing stroke cases, cardiovascular diseases, and pulmonary diseases are the fruits of air pollution. The disturbing thing is that contaminated air has started trespassing the other body systems other than the heart and the lungs. 

As Cristiana De Lia, clean air campaign lead at Global Action Plan wrote,

Air pollution impacts are not unknown, and increasing evidence is shining a light on several more concerning impacts, not just for our respiratory systems, but for our memory and mental health as well.

Cristiana De Lia

The results of a recent study also support this conviction. The research conducted in China under Luxia Zhang, MD, MPH, and Shaowei Wu, MD, Ph.D. (Peking University) traced the potential relationship between air pollution and kidney diseases. Sad to say, the outcomes were not very pleasing. 

Air Pollution Reactions

Pollutants must get removed from the atmosphere, and necessary measures to prevent further accumulation. The most effective way of eliminating contaminants is through natural gas flaring, which rapidly burns off the impurity.

As a result of the government’s focus on this issue in India, it has significantly changed the air quality that people breathe. However, there are still some areas of India where the air pollution is getting worse.

U.S And Air Pollution

The United States is looking to change the way they approach air pollution. The EPA has proposed a plan to lower carbon emissions and fight air pollution.

India And Air Pollution

The government is trying to fight air pollution by assisting with acquiring care-related resources. The Indian government has helped the UPA develop healthcare facilities in Uttar Pradesh, with high pollution-related diseases.

Final Word On Air Pollution

In this matter, each individual has to take the responsibility of purifying the air and avoiding the activities that feed the pollution. The government and the council must keep a strict eye on the pollutant’s disposal and punish the owners in law violations. 

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