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The Best Colleges in the World: Public and Community

Introduction – Best Colleges in The World

What are the best colleges in the world? There is a lot of debate about this, and it isn’t easy to come up with an answer. If you want to know what some people think, read on! In this article, we will discuss different schools from all across the globe. We consider these schools to be among the best in academics, research opportunities, and student life. We’re confident that you’ll find a school here that meets your needs and desires!

One of the first things to consider when looking for great colleges is location. Do you want a school in an urban area? Suburban? Rural? Many factors go into this decision, but it’s essential to understand what your options are. The United States has some excellent schools; however, nothing can match our neighbor Canada (not even us).

Another factor to consider is major. Do you have a specific area of interest? If so, you might want to go for an undergraduate program specializing in your desired subject.

What are the Best Colleges in the World

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT may be best known for its physics and computer science programs — “the smartest kids in the world,” as one Redditor described them — but that doesn’t mean it’s not a rugged school. Dorms at MIT are notoriously bare-bones affairs, and students frequently find themselves coping with broken doors, creaky heating systems, and other “hacks.” One Redditor offered an anecdote from his freshman year about how he once had to live with a friend in his room’s closet for three months because the university wouldn’t fix their broken housing unit. “MIT doesn’t care about its students at all.”

Columbia University

Where students stressed that they aren’t just nerds. “Columbia has always had a difficult rep of only accepting the smart kids, but this is an extremely broad generalization,” one user wrote. “There are plenty of students here who play sports or other extracurricular activities.”

London’s University College London

The following three schools on our list are all United Kingdom universities, starting with Cambridge. Which, despite being pretty selective, seems to have found its niche as a party school. “Many people would argue that UCL is the best place for nightlife/student life in Europe,” one user noted. As for why it beat out Oxford, one commenter wrote that “everyone I know who has been to both would choose Cambridge.”

University of Oxford

Like UCL, our users said that Oxford was more selective than its sister institution, the University of Cambridge, but it’s just as tricky as Harvard. Not to be confused with the University above College London — where students often pack lecture halls and libraries and sometimes even have trouble finding a place to sit down and study on weekends. “Orientation week is basically partying so you can meet your friends, and then staying up until morning doing work,” one user wrote.

“I am acutely acutely aware that people say Oxbridge [University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge] is too elitist, but I am still massively impressed with the academic rigour,” one commenter wrote. “I remember speaking to applicants from another Russell Group [a group of 24 top research universities in the UK] university who said the level of work was much higher than they expected.”

Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

The college earned high marks for its academic rigor, despite its location down under. “EPFL has an awesome campus; it’s built into a steep mountain so you can ski to class if you want,” one user noted. At No. 4 is the University of Oxford’s sister institution, the University of Cambridge is equally tricky despite being more selective than its cross-Channel rival. “Cambridge is harder though because even if you get an easier A-level [exam] it can easily be wrecked by a bad set of Tripos results,” one commenter said, referring to the final exams that students take at both schools.

Germany’s Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Although Heidelberg may rank lower on some other lists — No. 12, for example, on this German university ranking — it is still considered one of the best universities in the world. It has an excellent reputation for its humanities programs, but math students are also well-served since it is officially recognized as an International Mathematical Center.

Harvard University, which College Confidential users seem to consider more difficult than first-place finisher Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Harvard had me on edge all four years,” one commenter noted. “Now I have friends who went to other ‘top’ colleges around here and they say how much easier it was.”

The Best Community Colleges

-Lone Star College

Lone Star College System is a state community college system that serves the Greater Houston, Texas area. Lone Star has six colleges including Cy-Fair, Kingwood, Montgomery, North Harris, Tomball and Spring branches. Scott G. Carpenter donated the land for the campuses to Lone Star College in 1999 as part of his “Campaign for Gateway Science Initiative.”

-Crowder College

Crowder College is a community college with two locations in Missouri: Neosho and West Plains. It was founded as Crowder County Junior College on September 21, 1935. Crowder College offers bachelor’s degrees in business administration, organizational management, and operations management; Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees and diplomas in arts, science, business management, computer networking, and accounting; certificates in various fields.

-Harker College

Harker College is a community college with two locations in San Jose, California, and another in Kula, Maui, Hawaii. It was founded as Harker Day School on September 12, 1998, by the Roger Hugh Seeberger Trust to provide quality liberal arts education at an affordable price. The school was renamed Harker School in 1999 and then again changed to Harker College when it became a community college.

Upon fulfilling all requirements for regional accreditation from WASC/HLC/NCA (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), Harker College attained its initial educational accreditation status on 8th 2013. Harker College offers bachelor’s degrees in business administration, organizational management, and operations management; associate of arts degrees in Arts.

-San Jacinto Community College

San Jacinto Community College is a community college with locations in Pasadena, Galveston, Cleveland, and The Woodlands. It opened on September 10, 1961, under the name San Jacinto-South Junior College District #508. J. C. Snyder served as its first president until his retirement on January 31, 1969, when then-Vice President Dr. David G Houser succeeded him. Before February 1, 1984, SJCC was known as San Jacinto-Southwest Junior College District #247 but the two districts merged into today’s single district.

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