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The Causes of Climate Change: a Deep Look into the Science

I’m writing this for my fellow humans who wonder how they can educate themselves and do their part to help solve the causes of climate change. It’s not easy, but it is possible! This blog post will give you a few facts about what we’re up against and offer some tips on how you can take action. Let’s get started.

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Causes of Climate Change

You might not have known the effects of climate change—like increased risk for allergies because pollen counts will skyrocket as temperatures rise; or how drought can wreak havoc on humanity.

We know climate change is happening, and we are causing it. What you don’t know yet is what to do about it. You’re not alone! This blog post will give you a few easy steps to take that will make an impact on your life and the planet.”

Climate change is already affecting communities globally negatively: from extreme droughts leading to food insecurity, mental health problems, and displacement; rising sea levels flooding homes; stronger storms destroying livelihoods and infrastructure. It’s time for us all to stand up for the future of our children.

New Revelations About Climate Change

A new study published in Nature Climate Change found that each person contributes to a change of about 10 kilograms of CO2/year on average. With an individual’s carbon footprint being so small, it is hard to make a difference. But together, we can do more: by reducing our emissions and educating others on how they can, too, we can slow climate change and bring awareness to this issue.

Let’s talk about what you can do for yourself: turn off your computer when not using it; use energy-efficient light bulbs; walk or bike instead of driving; plug electronics into power strips and shut them down when not in use! You don’t need extravagant changes – these simple steps will help reduce your carbon footprint while also.

Causes of Climate change - facts and guidance

Causes of Climate Change Facts

For many years, scientists have emphasized the need to discuss current events about climate change. They kept on saying that global warming could cause profound climate changes. And those changes would ultimately push the world into colossal devastation.

Unfortunately, nobody paid heed to these warnings and took them seriously. Until recently, the odd weather extremities that occurred in 2020 have amplified those claims. Now the communities of the world have begun considering these issues.

In early 2020, the record temperature changes observed in Siberia caught everyone off guard. From January to June this year, the region’s temperature kept soaring. More importantly, what happened on June 20 was shocking in an absolute sense. 

On June 20, Verkhoyansk, a town in Russia located on the Yana River in the Arctic circle, recorded a new high temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. This development worried scientists worldwide, as the temperature fluctuations in the Arctic region can have far-reaching impacts on the Earth’s climate. The melting of ice and the permafrost would endanger the local wildlife and put the world’s climate system at risk.

How Humans Contribute to Climate Change

According to the world weather attribution, the human-induced climate changes increased the chances of Siberian prolonged heat up to 600 times.

It also observes that if the world does not take adequate steps. Then compared to 1900, Siberia’s temperature could increase by 2.5 degrees in 2025. 

“What seemed like an established truth that you cannot attribute particular, extreme weather to climate change is less and less true,” said Sonia Seneviratne, a climate scientist at Swiss university ETH Zurich.  

“We are seeing the emergence of some signals that would have had almost no chance of happening without human-induced climate change,” added Seneviratne. 

“We could save the planet. I know it sounds crazy, but we’re all in this together. We can do this.”

Tom Hanks’s character at the end of Angels in America Part II: Perestroika

Since pre-industrial time, the temperature of the Earth has hiked through one degree Celsius. Though a minute change, the melting of the glaciers, rise in the ocean level. Plus, the horrific wildfires are all the products of this minor change. 

Recent Wildfires

The inferno burning series through California, Oregon, and Washington have burnt beyond 2 million acres of land. Resulting in more than 20 deaths and displaced thousands of people. 

The fires, cyclones, and floods are nature’s indication of deteriorating climate. We must act to protect our planet before it’s too late.

We need to acknowledge that climate change is happening and that humans are contributing to it,” said Brian Toon, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Colorado. The superheated winds in these fires result from a combination of natural factors like drought and record-breaking heat plus global warming resulting from the buildup of carbon dioxide.” 

Last year was the hottest on record since 1880 causing more forest land than expected, which led to more potent and more intense infernos. The average temperature for 2016 had been 1.69 degrees Fahrenheit higher than usual. Also important to note, fire activity since 2012 has doubled, with 40 million acres burnt throughout North America.

However, there’s no apparent connection between wildfires and climate change, the inferno-like conditions resulting from high temperatures and no precipitation impact those living in areas likely to be affected.

Warming is projected to increase soil drying, which could feed the climate further, said Park Williams, a bioclimatologist at Columbia UnUniversity’samont-Doherty Earth Observatory in New York City. “I” fire activity increases more than climate models are projecting due to warming and drying, then we may see forests reach a tipping point where they shift from being net carbon sinks into large net carbon emitters.” 

How Climate Change Affects Animals

It is not only humans that suffer the effects of climate change. Animals are also victims in their way. For example, polar bears drown as they try to swim farther than 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) from the shoreline due to decreasing sea ice. Polar bears don’t know where else to go and what else to do other than trying to adapt to the new environment they find themselves in. 

Due to climate change, many species might be facing extinction or at least population reduction, which will disrupt entire ecosystems.

Farming for a Greener Planet

In response to these rising environmental problems, human beings have decided that cattle rearing is no longer an option; it’s time for the government to consider shifting towards more sustainable meat sources shortly. As it is, only 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to cattle rearing.

The Great Indian Revolution

India has also improved its citizen’s health and quality of life by implementing a nationwide ban on beef. This was precisely done with InIndia’s.3 billion people in mind; its rapid population growth means it is already struggling with a lack of resources, food security, and environmental degradation.  Thankfully, this decision started as something extraordinary—it was probably one of the most successful movements ever attempted by any nation: India is now considered the world leader for vegetarianism! Their campaign doesn’t stop there, though. It has become a worldwide issue that needs to be addressed by the entire globe today.

Changing the Future of Food: Say NO to Meat!

Lastly, this is probably one of the biggest reasons everyone should consider going vegetarian—it’s for our good and, most importantly, our children’s future. As Steve “The Crocodile” Irwin said so wisely in his speech on Earth Hour 2008,

We’re not asking you to change your lifestyle overnight but at least let’s save some balance when it comes to what we eat.

Steve Irwin

The truth is that now more than ever, our generation has the power to create a better place for people and animals alike by making intelligent choices about what we eat!

India’s Vegetarianism Movement

It seems that the Indian government did absolutely everything right to influence and create change for its people. For starters, they made their motives publicly known by making everywhere from newspapers to television shows aware of it.

They also managed to provide enough reasons why people should consider going vegetarian. Not only does this make becoming a vegetarian easy-breezy, but it can also inspire others to follow in your footsteps! Taking action as individuals doesn’t seem so daunting after all! Many health benefits come with being a vegetarian; you’ll be richer in more ways than one. 

What Patterns are Changing due to Climate Change

The connection between fleas and climate change is through warmth. Fleas and ticks favor a warm and humid environment over the cold one- A reason why pets catch them between spring to fall rather than summers.

But, as climate abnormalities aggravate, winters contract, causing a simultaneous extension in the summer and prolonged heat. This, in turn, fosters the longer- stay of these pesky creatures than they would typically do, making your pets itchy and miserable.

How Climate Change Impacts Human Health

It’s not only animals and nature that would suffer the harsh impacts of climate deformities. Humans, too, would have their share of adversities and hardship from the persisting changes in the climate pattern, even if they think it will not affect them or their families. 

The raging fires that spur in any part of the world are massively contributing to air pollution. And the pollution consequently started invading the body systems that we never even imagined.  

Just take the example of a study conducted by the JAMA Neurology that draws a connection between air pollution and dementia. The World Health Organization also foresees the disastrous effects of climate change as it envisages around 250,000 additional deaths per year from climate changes between 2030 and 2050. 

Of course, pregnant women, people with asthma or other chronic illnesses, would be more vulnerable to the harmful climate change consequences.

Climate change and Displacement Threats

The Arctic is heating at an alarming rate. The melting of snow and ice sheets feeds water levels, and the results are apparent in flooding. By 2100, the ocean may rise by multiple, almost one to four feet. High water levels will eventually induce coastal communities such as New York, Miami, and Sydney. 

But, mind that, eviction is not the solution, as it has its list of oddities in urbanization, scarcity of resources, diseases, and many more. 

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The Damage Done by Climate Change

This is the moment of truth. There is no lie in saying that it is the man responsible for all the EaEarth’sufferings today. The massive damages we are posing to the environment through the acts such as deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels are shocking! 

Since 1990, the world has lost around 178 million hectares of forest (690,000 square miles), a land comparable to Libya in magnitude. Knowing the incomparable role trees contribute in balancing the natural system by controlling the levels of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, I can seriously think of the destruction caused. 

Note that the whole thing is in the cycle. As trees were removed, the concentration of CO2 in the air got elevated and hit the record levels of 417 parts per million in May 2020. 

How to get Involved Climate Activism

The answer is in the community effort. Catering to climate change is undoubtedly not the job of a single individual, be it your president, premier, or mayor. Like everyone is playing their role in causing the damage, they must participate in curbing this damage.

With the perplexity of the challenge at hand, it is customary to get confused about where to start? Here are a few steps experts believe could report notable results if acted upon. 


Education should be the first weapon to wield in the war against climate change. The government should document the programs around climate change and how it is harming life for public awareness. 

Apart from the state-level education, the individuals should also work in their capacity to learn the damages caused by climate change and how they could act to cut them.

Cut the fossils fuel

Know that greenhouse gases are our number one nemesis in this battle. Cut their release in the air by reducing coal, oil, and other fossils fuels for power and energy. 

Adopt resources that are renewable and eco-friendly such as air, water, and sunlight. But, this is definitely not going to happen overnight. This shift requires an absolute change in the behavior and attitude as well. Consider the example of the United States of America, where almost 50 percent of the electricity is generated using coal, and the percentage is virtually the same worldwide. 


Transportation is the second leading emitter of greenhouse gases in the U.S. Given that, we should work to minimize the use of transportation as much as we can. In this matter, try walking or using a bicycle for commuting. However, if it’s inevitable to take a car, prefer using public transportation, not your own. 

Be efficient

Being efficient is spending the resources. Especially, please don’t waste the water, as we usually do by taking loner showers, keeping the tap open while washing hands. Turn off the lights while you leave the room. These small changes could add up a significant effect. 

Plant Trees

Knowing how important trees are in absorbing Carbon dioxide, a significant greenhouse gas, people should take on the task of reforestation, planting perhaps one tree in their home. In numbers, a mature tree, in a year, absorbs almost 48 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere and releases Oxygen in turn. So, you can make your effort count by even planting a single tree. 

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Climate change, indeed, has become one of the most significant challenges the world faces today. The recent temperature fluctuations in Serbia, and the massive infernos in California, are indicators that we should take the matter seriously before it’s out of our control. In this regard, besides the government, every one of us should work in our reach to lower the climate dangers.

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