Citizen Activism


Citizen activism is recognized as any personal action with social consequences. In other words, it means 1 or more person taking risks to their self to try to benefit the collective.

Citizen Activism requires bravery, fortitude and tenacity

The ability to think and the reason is what puts human beings superior to animals. As the outcome of the reason comes the change. Every day, we see many people fighting for change. They want to change things, for they don’t find them suitable for the standards for humanity.   […]

How to become an activist

Climate change has become one of the biggest threats to humanity. Considering this, it’s important to highlight how far we’ve come, continuing the fight to solve the climate crisis. Around the world, many young individuals have actively participated in creating awareness about deteriorating climate conditions.  Here is a climate change […]

Who are famous climate change activists   Recently updated !

There are many reasons and avenues for you to learn some tips to optimize yourself, especially in our ever-growing digital world. This post will also consider global pandemics. Because whether we like it or not, isolation has become normal for a lot of people. Optimizing yourself can be best equated […]

10 useful tips to optimize yourself into a better activist