CNN’s Lies And History: How a News Network Went from Trusted to Scorned

CNN was founded by Robert Ted Turner, the former executive of maverick broadcasting. Turner is a well-reputed American broadcasting entrepreneur and businessman born on November 19, 1938, in the U.S. city of Cincinnati.

No longer a T.V. news network we are a 24-hour global multi-platform network


CNN Origin Story

At CNN’s launch, the news industry existed in the immense shadow cast by the other three networks -CBS, NBC, and ABC.

These news networks were broadcasting only half an hour every night, but CNN changed the notion of timely broadcasts by airing 24-hour broadcasts.

  • Since 1980, the network policy of always ‘Go live, stay with it, and make it important’ has played a vital role in its expansion and maturation.
  • The new channel initially seen in less than two million  American houses is now available to over 160 million homes worldwide.

CNN Pros And Cons

CNN has good aspects, but it is also accused of sensationalism and highlighting negative stories. According to Pew research, CNN covered the most negative news for Mitt Romney during the 2012 elections.

Pew Research reported that CNN news followed the same trend of negativity in the 2016 Presidential elections.

The bold claim that it picks news stories from credible media sources is sketchy at best, and it failed fact checks from Politifact and IFCN fact-checkers.

CNN Lies Examples

One example can be seen in CNN reporting about climate change.

It was controversial when there was near-universal agreement within the scientific community that humans rapidly change our climate with dire consequences for life on earth.

They’ve gone so far as to use actors in their coverage and even staged events. This is an outrage, and we hope you’ll join us in calling for a boycott of all CNN programs until they are removed from television and social media.

False Footage Scandal

CNN was recently caught and exposed for using video footage of the 2020 Olympics in Japan, claiming it to be from the 2018 games.

They were busted by a journalist who had gone through hours of footage and found out they had blatantly lied about it being from 2018.

Claims About Millennials

Unfortunately, the broadcasting platform has many times engaged in biases and hypocrisy. Though the tales of it being ‘double face’ are too long and old, let’s not dig deep into the past and take the recent example, which will ‘crystal clear’ everything. 

CNN had once claimed that “millennials are really optimistic about 2020.” The data tells a different story.  

CNN is relying on an outdated poll from 2018 to make its case, and that year’s polling shows millennials are more pessimistic than ever before.

CNN And Anthony Scaramucci

Though we discussed the example of the recent elections above, to make it clear, It was not the first time when CNN was biased against Trump, and CNN has a long history of publishing fabricated stories regarding Trump. 

  • On June 22, 2017, CNN published a news story about Trump’s assistant Anthony Scaramucci’s involvement in Russian Direct Investment.
  • An investigation invalidated the CNN news declaring it fake and inauthentic. After massive condemnation, CNN withdrew the story and apologized the Anthony Scaramucci.

Trump and WikiLeaks

Despite facing severe criticism for circulating false news, CNN did not restrain from such actions. In 2017, CNN’s anti-Trump policy again overshadowed the network, and CNN published a report about the coordination between Trump and Wikileaks. 

  • According to a CNN report, Trump’s son received WikiLeaks information about the hacked documents before publicizing them.
  • CNN was proved wrong when investigations revealed that Trump’s son received an email on September 14, 2016, while Wikileaks released the information on September 4.

Aside from the anti-Trump agenda, CNN is also accused of lacking balance in its reporting. According to critics, CNN is criticized for not covering right-leaning news.

The 2014 Pew research results also reflected that most liberal political values are oriented toward CNN. The research reported that 44% of CNN’s audience hold left political views, while only 17% have the correct political opinions. 

Final Word On CNN Lies

CNN is a media company that might be used in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The network was caught red-handed spreading fake news to their viewers, and they don’t seem concerned about it.

If you want your brand associated with honesty and transparency, CNN probably isn’t the right fit. The network has been embroiled in controversy after controversy, and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon.


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