The Most Controversial Debate Topics to Talk About in 2022

Controversial Debate Topics

Do you want to get people talking about your event? Do you want to generate some high-quality engagement on social media? Well, controversial debate topics are a great way of doing just that. This blog post will discuss the most contentious debate topics that will have people talking.

The Most Controversial Debate Topics

2020 Presidential Election

The 2020 United States presidential election is a topic that has provoked significant controversy. The two major parties, the Democrats and Republicans, both represent different political ideologies.

The Republicans believe in economic conservatism and smaller government, and the Democratic party believes in a free market system with a larger government to care for welfare programs.

Climate Change

The most controversial topic is, without a doubt, climate change. The Democratic Party believes in taking immediate action to reduce carbon emissions with the future goal of eliminating them.

It also advocates exploring renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas.

Lastly, it acknowledges the importance of protecting the environment by reducing pollution and investing in its infrastructure to prevent further damage from climate change-related phenomena like hurricanes, floods, droughts, and wildfires.

The Republican Party does not take these issues seriously, and it does not support any federal legislation limiting carbon emissions or addressing global warming. Instead, they favor expanding the coal industry and developing their natural gas sector.

The Republican Party denies that climate change is a real issue, making it one of the most controversial topics discussed in this election.

Body Image

In the United States, the main controversy that people talk about is body image. In a survey conducted by Weight Watchers in 2011, it was found that many women want to lose weight because they feel that their appearance is not good enough and they want to look slimmer.

Additionally, according to a study conducted in 2009 by The Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders, many girls view “looking good” as being underweight and attractive.

Evolution vs. Creationism

Evolution is the idea that all life forms on Earth share a common ancestor. Creationism believes that God created everything in six days, including man and the Earth. Scientists have widely accepted evolution to explain the diversity of life on Earth.

The scientific community accepts evolution as fact due to overwhelming evidence supporting its conclusion. You can research these terms for yourself if you would like, but it is essential to know that evolution is much more than just a theory – it is a scientific law.

Religion and Politics

Many people are always asking about the religious roles in politics. Religion and politics are controversial because they can offend or oppose someone’s beliefs.

They are also controversial because they are the two most sensitive parts of any society, with religion being primarily a private issue involving faith and politics concerning power.

Universal Healthcare

The second most controversial topic discussed is eliminating the current healthcare system and its replacement with a Medicare for All program. The Democrats favor this approach, while the Republicans believe it may become too expensive.

Marijuana Prohibition

The Democratic Party advocates legalizing marijuana at the federal level while keeping its legalization status under state jurisdiction. It also supports background checks on gun purchases and ultimately keeps assault rifles out of public hands.

Lastly, the Democrats believe in providing pathways to citizenship for immigrants who have been living in America for an extended period without legal permission to stay there.

Immigration Policy

The Republican Party does not support any form of immigration reform whatsoever. It believes in stricter gun laws because citizens should protect themselves from criminals with guns. It favors deporting all illegal immigrants and keeping those without legal permission as temporary workers with no chance of becoming full citizens.

Debatable Topics 2022

Some potential conversation debate topics for 2022 include:

1. Gun control

2. Abortion

3. The death penalty

4. Tax reform

5. Health care reform

6. Climate change

7. Presidential term limits

8. Electoral College reform

9. Supreme Court term limits

Interesting Debate Topics For Adults

Here are a few more debate topics to discuss; some are less controversial than the previously listed ones, but all of them are interesting.

  • The atomic bombs dropped on Japan by the United States
  • Adolf Hitler’s rise to power
  • Joseph Stalin’s purges in Russia
  • Mao Zedong’s Great Leap Forward led to millions of people starving

Funny Controversial Topics

These funny controversial statements can also be debatable when open-minded, friendly people are part of the discussion.

  • Cancel Culture
  • Gender Differences
  • What are the funniest YouTube comments?
  • Why do people believe in ghosts
  • 15 things your crockpot can’t do
  • Why your career is failing
  • Are you a picker or a thrifter?
  • What would happen if we turned off all the internet?


It’s not easy to talk about controversial debate topics, but it can be helpful. This is especially true if we’re talking about something in the news that might change your opinion on a matter you had previously been undecided or uninformed on.


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