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Donald Trump News stories – Late 2020 edition

Welcome to Trump’s world; here, you will find a full package of Donald Trump News stories. What that package contains is a matter of perspective or interpretation. Yes, I  am talking about United states President and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, a master of creating facts and realities. Although it seems impossible to cover his never-ending list of peculiar assertions, I have selected three claims that he has made during his campaign.

US has the lowest COVID-19 fatality rates

Trump’s policy to handle the coronavirus that caused more than 200,000 deaths in the US reflects his government’s failure. But, it seems that the president has his own world. Throughout the election campaign, Trump has claimed that his government has successfully contained the disease, and the US mortality rate is lowest compared to other major countries.

“The United States has among the lowest case fatality rates of any major country anywhere in the world. The European Union’s case fatality rate is nearly three times higher than ours,” Trump said during his speech.

While the fact is that the United States is among 20 countries that are hard-hit by the virus, according to facts and figures issued by Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, Mexico is at the top of 20 worst affected countries a fatality rate reaching up to 10.8.

What does Trump say about mail-in ballots?

Due to COVID-19 risks, American voters have been granted the right to cast their votes through the mail-in -ballots. The method provided a convenient and painless way for sick and older citizens to cast their votes using a modern and transparent process.

But, from the last few weeks, president trump is persistently sowing doubts among the Americans about Mail-in ballots, saying that Democrats are stealing votes through a fraudulent system. However, the President has not provided any shreds of evidence to prove his claims.

“With this whole 80 million mail-in ballots that they’re working on. Sending them out to people that didn’t ask for ’em. They did not ask. They get them. And it is not fair, and it’s not right. And it is not going to be possible to tabulate, in my opinion, it’s just my opinion. We have been very, very careful. And you have to watch, every one of you, you have to watch,” Trump said during Republican National Convention on August 24.

Are Obama, and Biden Spying on Trump’s campaign?

President Trump alleged  Obama and Biden to snoop on his campaign to prevent Trump’s victory in upcoming elections. The President further claimed that they are exercising their powers over  US intelligence agencies to cheat the polls. According to President Trump :

“I watched President Obama last night, and I watched him talking about everything, and I had to put it out. I said, ‘yeah, but he spied on my campaign, and he got caught.’ You know that isn’t nice a thing as you can imagine. If that happened to another campaign on the other side, they would have 25 people in jail for many years already, many, many years. It’s a disgrace”.

This is nothing more than Trump’s baseless claim and assertion against Biden and Obama. And he may be absolutely spot on, but without the proof, he is only diverting American’s attention from what their true goals should be. That goal should be voters having an efficient and fair form of government, with freedoms like privacy not getting turned into the butt of the jokes on late-night comedy.

The White House COVID-19 Outbreak – What Happened In Late 2020

2020 has either hit its peak, or it’s an all-time low, depending on which part of the right/left paradigm you follow. For everyone in the middle, the 2020 Corona outbreak at the white house is an unprecedented low point.

White House Covid Infections

Due to the White House administration and staff’s negligence, 36 White House members have been diagnosed with Coronavirus within the last few weeks. 23 of these were tested positive for the virus following Trump’s diagnosis with the Coronavirus. The unfortunate news is that the virus did not remain confined to the White House but spread to the Pentagon and infected several military commanders.

Despite reporting many cases, the White House officials downplayed the Coronavirus’s danger by pursuing their activities without wearing a mask. They still haven’t grasped the gravity of the situation and denied asking the Disease Control and Prevention centers to find out the contact trace. Out of these 36 cases, here is a list of the five most important people infected with the virus.  

Policy advisor of President Trump, Stephen Miller  

Senior policy advisor of President Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, has been tested positive for the Coronavirus. Miller was not feeling well for the last few days and was working from home. During quarantine, he was tested five times for COVID-19, and the results were negative. After self-isolating for five days, he went to work on Tuesday, after which he tested positive.

Assistant commandant Marine crops, General L Thomas

The Assistant Commandant of United States Marine crops, General L Thomas, has been diagnosed positive with the virus. The assistance commander was suffering from mild symptoms after a pentagon meeting last week. Thomas and many other top-ranked U.S military commanders have also self-isolated after attending a meeting with Admiral Charles Ray. He tested positive after a meeting with Trump. 

Press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany  

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany confirmed her being infected with the virus on Monday. According to CNN News, McEnany and her two aides Chad Gilmartin and Karoline Leavitt, were diagnosed on Monday, after which she canceled her interview with Fox News.

Trump and first lady Melania Trump

President Donald Trump was tested positive for the virus on Thursday last week. However, on Friday morning, the president in a tweet announced that he and Melania both were diagnosed with the virus.  

Last Friday, President Trump was shifted to Walter Reed Military Medical Center via helicopter. White House secretary Kayleigh McEnany announced that President Trump and Melania Trump are suffering from mild symptoms, and President will continue to work at Walter Reed Presidential office.

Trump campaign manager, Bill Stepien  

President Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien tested positive for the Coronavirus last week. 42 -year old Bill is the 35th person to be infected in the White House during the course of the previous two weeks. He experienced mild flu-like symptoms after he met President Trump on Monday last week. Initially, he was not sure that he got infected with the Coronavirus, but he quarantined himself after Trump was tested positive.

The Presidential Debates – First Reactions To What Happened

It’s time for the first Presidential debate of 2020. Here is our first, and albeit rough, reaction to what happened. Please make no mistake from our sense of balance; this was a trainwreck of epic proportions.

I think the first question about the supreme court went pretty well for both candidates. Trump is currently accusing Biden of being a socialist. Biden pivoted to Covid-19, and it’s going off the rails.

The debate out of control

Trump and Chris Wallace are arguing about Obamacare and it’s getting ridiculous.

Now Trump is hyping up his campaign to reduce prescription drug prices. Biden defended his position on private health insurance.

Trump is continually jabbing Biden right now. The moderator has zero control over President Trump right now.

I’m starting to feel like we have had this debate about Obamacare before. And almost on cue, the questions have gone back to the Supreme Court.

Biden told Trump to shut up on National Television.

Yes, that happened. The moderator told them to try to be serious; let’s see how that goes.

An attack line has been opened against Trump regarding Covid-19. Trump is attempting to turn the argument around on Biden. The point of closed borders during Covid-19 is something the moderator should hone in on.

Unfortunately, this is a clown show. It’s currently boiling down to some appeal to emotions. There are no gems of knowledge dropping right now. And I’ll be honest; it’s been hard to follow.

I don’t think that Covid-19 is going to be that big of a voting factor. So in my mind, this whole part of the debate is pointless. That’s just icing on the cake to the feeling that this is turning into a fallacy bingo.

Trump essentially is calling Biden a dummy right now. He brought up how he was the lowest in his class and is interrupting at every chance. Biden has now repeated the line that Trump doesn’t have a plan three times.

The debate has landed on the mask mandates.

Which ended up being a total wash. Mainly because neither candidate has that strong of a position on masks.

Finally, the issue of the economy has come up. With Wallace bringing up whether the Covid-19 recovery is V-shaped or K shaped. However, I don’t think we are going anywhere right now. The debate seems to be circling the Covid-19 shutdowns.

Biden is bringing up how the wealthy have done well during Covid-19, which is a pretty good point. He is also bringing up frontline workers bearing the brunt of the global pandemic.

Trump brought back Football. Mic Drop?

The question now is about Trump’s tax returns. Specifically his federal income tax in 2016 and 2017. It seems like the argument is the epitome of hating the player, not the game.

Biden just called Trump the worst president America has ever had. And I’m still getting sleepy. Maybe that’s the real point of these debates. To lull us all to sleep, and sadly it works like a charm.

The economy is either busted or booming right now. That is depending on which political party you believe in. Biden saved the automobile, and Trump defeated China. That’s it, that’s all you need to know.

Chris Wallace is getting eaten alive up there. It’s like he fell into a shark tank, and nobody wants to jump in and help him. I would save you, Chris Wallace.

Black Lives Matter might be one of Trump’s weak points. So Biden did pretty well on the question of Racism. And again, Trump is turning the argument back on him. Specifically, regarding the crime bills, Biden has supported.

I think Biden has won the segment on Racism. Mainly because all he had to say was that he supports law and order. Plus, Trump did end federal training of race sensitivity.

The issue of law and order is a red herring, though. Meaning it’s a big distraction like it’s good for television. The fact of the matter is most people haven’t experienced any violence after the recent BLM protests.

Both candidates denounced violence

Apparently, it’s time for another ridiculously open-ended question because that’s why people tune into the debates, for soundbites and the same typical politics as usual.

Trump keeps repeating the line of Biden accepting 3 million dollars from Moscow.

Climate Change is the next segment. With Trump arguing for clean water. And more human intervention from a business management perspective. Wallace pressed him on rollbacks of Obama’s clean air initiatives.

Biden argued for going all-in on a green economy. Furthermore stating that going green will create more jobs. That is in contrast to Trump’s argument that the rising energy costs of going green will kill jobs.

Trump hit back about the supposed 100 trillion dollar cost of Biden’s plan. Biden said the green new deal is not his plan. I’m not about to fact check in real-time, but that seems suspect.

The presidential debate about election fraud

Here comes the issue of election fraud. Hold onto your seats.

Oddly enough, Biden is repeating what I’ve said previously about voter disenfranchisement. So, of course, he gets the point for that one.

I think Trump is calling the mail-in system a disaster, which does seem right, but IDK if that constitutes fraud. It reminds me of how I always talk about lowering the bar, which is the real shame.

The mail fraud segment seems like another non-issue among the voting population. In addition to the fact that nobody knows what mail-in voting is. So how can anyone win this one? That was a rhetorical question, BTW. In the context I mentioned, nobody can win.

How can we settle any issue when the people asking the questions are so robotic? I’m serious too. The lack of real depth from the moderator is the biggest flaw of the modern debate formats. The fact that Wallace lost control early only makes it more entertaining. But now I’m more concerned about how he wouldn’t be a good teacher.


The debate just ended randomly. Wow, I don’t get it. Ultimately nobody won unless you think the voters lost. Then I guess the media won? Strange how I don’t feel like I won. Do better media.

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