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Donald Trumps’ legal news in overturning the 2020 Presidential election

After confirming Biden’s victory in the November 3 elections, President Trump rejected the election results and vowed to begin a legal campaign to fight the 2020 election results tooth-and-nail.

“Million MAGA March” Supports Trump’s Claims Of Irregularities In The Election

Thousands of Americans marched in Washington on Saturday, backing Trump’s claims of fraud in elections. The rally termed as “Million MAGA March” included Trump’s supporters holding flags and shouting the USA!” USA!” “We want Trump! We want Trump!” and “Four more years! Four more years!”.

Trump fans showing their support for the President

What happened

The charged crowd gathered at Freedom Plaza and marched towards the Supreme court. During the rally, elected Republicans Paul Gosar of Az. and Mike Kelly of Pa. addressed the protesters to keep them motivated. 

Additionally, President Trump also surprised his supporters by appearing at Pennsylvania Avenue after 10 am when he went to the Virginia golf club. Wearing a red baseball hat, Trump was smiling and waving his supports from his motorcade.

After Trump’s defeat in presidential elections’ Republicans planned to start pro-Trump rallies across the United States, Washington’s protest is a part of the same campaign to challenge election integrity.

Then, on Friday, President Trump appreciated his supporters for participating Pro-Trump rallies throughout the United States. He said it is heartwarming to see a massive crowd in America’s streets, and he would try to meet his supporters in the Washington march.

These protesters gathered across the United States to support Trump’s legal campaign about presidential elections. They were shouting that President Trump woke Americans up, and they want to see him as their President. Additionally, extremist militia groups such as Proud Boys and conspiracy theorists Alex Jones also joined the rally.

One of Trump’s supporters, Darion Schaublin, who traveled from Ohio to attend the rally, said that the whole system is rigged. Another said that they would try their best to overturn Biden’s victory.

Most of the day, the march was under control, and there was no severe dispute. Then, the peaceful rally turned into a violent protest at night when clashes broke out between Trump supporters and Biden’s voters.

Social Media reactions

People on twitter were having a field day. Most of the reactions were negative.


Ultimately, a severe fight started near Black Live matter Plaza where hundreds of Anti-Trump protesters harassed Trump’s supporters and burnt their flags and hats. Likewise, according to the city fire and emergency medical department, one person was injured during these clashes, and he was shifted to the trauma center.

All in all, despite providing no evidence of irregularities in elections, Trump is determined to challenge the election results. Thousands of people gathered in Washington to support Trump’s false claims, neglecting the threat of COVID-19, which killed 1400 Americans in the past 24 hours.

Trump’s Legal Challenge

Trump’s team is requesting donations from supporters via emails to boost their legal fight. However, as of now, it is unclear how much traction that’s getting. The Trump campaign already said that his legal team would prosecute cases in court to certify election laws are fully upheld, and the fair winner is seated.

Since the election day, Trump legal team has filed more than a dozen lawsuits to confront the Biden victory in different battleground states, including Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, November 10, Trump’s legal advisor  Jenna Ellis said that most probably, these legal challenges regarding the allegations of fraud will be resolved within the next two weeks.

In two states, Michigan and Pennsylvania, Republican lawyers challenged the result to stop state officials from endorsing the results. Simultaneously, the legal team said they would ask for recounting in Wisconsin due to irregularities in different counties.

Trump raised the contentions of election stealing in Pennsylvania after observing a rapid shrinkage in his unprecedented lead on November 4 when mail-in ballots were counted.

According to Republicans, Trump’s big lead had been shrunk to only four percent after counting mail-in ballots in Democratic cities Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. And as of right now, that lead is completely gone.

More Legal Challenges

In Pennsylvania, Trump’s legal team filed a District Court lawsuit to restrain the state from certifying results briefly. They said that their observers were not permitted to watch the counting process. Trump’s legal team also asked to stop counting mail-in ballots in Philadelphia. However, civil rights groups decided to challenge the Trump case, calling it unjust to deprive voters of their rights.

In Michigan state, Trump’s lawyers indicated flaws in the ballot-counting process and filed two court cases in Michigan’s state and federal courts to stop the state from certifying results. Republicans have taken these steps after CNN projected Biden’s victory in the state by a 3% lead.

According to The Association Press news agency, the litigation said that a Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson counted absentee ballots without Republican observer.

However, the unsupported request was terminated by judge Cynthia Stephens last week. After the dismissal, the Republican’s legal team decided to file a new lawsuit to overturn Biden’s victory.

Trump’s legal campaign has made similar charges in Arizona, where they filed a lawsuit on Saturday. The case was filed to review almost 166000 ballots cast on election day after observing Biden’s victory by 12000 votes.

Supreme Court Involvement

President Trump already declared his victory in a November 4th speech and warned to challenge the Supreme Court’s election. After election day, it was decided that the Republican’s legal team would challenge the Pennsylvania election results in the supreme court, claiming the election amidst pandemic unconstitutional and fraud.

Last week, Donald Trump’s legal advisor and Republican’s official Harmeet Dhillon indicated an Amy Barret’s invasion in elections to reverse Biden’s win. While talking to Fox News, she accused Pennsylvania of duping the elections and hoped for Amy’s intervention to save Trump’s elections.

Amy Coney Barrett was appointed U.S Supreme court judge a week before the presidential elections. On October 27, 2020, she assumed her office after being affirmed as a judge by Republicans with 52-48 votes.

On the second day of Amy’s Senate Judiciary Hearing, Senator Patrick Leahy asked Barrett to recuse herself from the Supreme court ruling regarding the 2020 presidential elections. Barret replied that she will faithfully apply the law of recusal and ensured to consider the factors applied by other justices in such cases.


President Trump’s legal campaign spent last week in court, but they could not provide reliable evidence unluckily. Despite filing more than a dozen lawsuits, they achieved little success as courts dropped most of them, calling vague fraud claims.

What’s your opinion on this story? Do you think Republicans could present any proof by next week, verifying their false claims?

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