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All your questions about Extraterrestrial Beings solved

What are extraterrestrial beings? This is a question that has been asked by many people with no answer. When we think of aliens, the first thing that typically pops into our heads is an extraterrestrial being from another planet or galaxy. But this might not be the case in reality. The experts believe that there are two types of extraterrestrials: alien lifeforms and advanced human beings. Alien lifeforms Alien beings are most likely to be similar in physical appearance to […]

10 Examples of Forward Thinking: What it Means and Why It matters

There are many definitions of forward thinking, but the most basic one is to think ahead and not just for today. This article will discuss what forward-thinking means and why it matters. We’ll also give you ten examples of forward thinking that can help improve your company’s performance! What forward thinking means – forward thinking means that we need to be proactive instead of reactive because there are so many things outside our control – forward thinking is not just […]

Jungian Archetypes: The All-Encompassing cheat sheet

Introduction This article introduces Jungian archetypes and discusses the most common of them. Archetypes are a fundamental element in understanding literature, psychology, and life experience. Jungian archetypes were first introduced by Carl Jung, who considered them part of the collective unconscious where all humans share certain universal images or symbols. These symbols emerge from our deepest collective hopes and fears about what we know to be true about humanity so far. The Jungian archetype list: “The Wise Old Man” is […]

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling: A Comprehensive Look

Introduction Parents often debate the pros and cons of homeschooling. Sometimes, the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa, depending on who you ask. This article will outline the pros and cons of homeschooling in detail. The pros and cons listed below are just a few reasons why one approach to homeschooling works better than another. Programs that do not follow these rules will often fail, as the student is unable to grow academically or socially. How pros and cons […]

Understanding your horoscope: A Brief Summary of All 12 Zodiac Signs

Introduction to Zodiac Signs Astrology is one of the most popular topics in human history. We all want to know what our zodiac sign says about us and how it affects our lives. This article will break down zodiac signs for you so that you can understand them better. Here we go! Aries Aries are known for being very competitive individuals who also possess a lot of energy! These signs have no problem going after what they want and need, […]

All the Activism Project Ideas You Could Ever Dream Of

Introduction So, you want to make a difference in the world? Maybe you’re looking for a way to get more involved in your community or feel like something is missing. You might be thinking about starting with some activism project ideas and need some help on where to start. Then check out our massive list of activism project ideas. How to start activism The most important thing when starting an activism project is to know your audience. If you’re not […]

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Activism Topics for Essays: An in-depth Guide

Whether you are a student or a writer, we thought a list of activism topics for essays would benefit your next assignment or task. The need to be heard is universal. Sometimes, this can take the form of creating a petition or sharing one’s story with the world on social media. There are many different ways in which we can make our voices heard and work for change. This blog post will explore some topics that have been more popular […]

The Student Loan Forgiveness

Introduction – Student Loan Forgiveness Student loan forgiveness is a big topic in recent days. Especially with the WH declaring that the covid induced moratorium on student debt would be extended to January 31. Follow along as we dig into some of the causes and effects of the countries staggering student loan debt crisis. Borrowers are fighting back against student loan debt. They are asking for student loan forgiveness. However, the government has made it more difficult for students to […]

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Positive news stories – Late 2020 edition

Join us as we go through a series of positive news stories carefully selected to bring to you. You are probably looking for happy news today, so with that said, we’ve got your back. California inmates became activists to help a student in need Life is a circle of happiness, sorrow, and hard time. Sometimes, it brightens us by bringing unexpected gaiety, while others mark a grueling journey. That time appears to be most prolonged, and we feel being assaulted […]

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Trending news headlines – late 2020 edition

Contents ‘This is Paris’ reveals the truths about Hilton that no one knewWhat is This is Paris, on YoutubeHow bad Paris Hilton was treated at ProvoHow the public has responded to This is ParisConclusionNew York Attorney General, Announces Body Camera Reform Following Daniel Prude’s DeathThe details of the reformWhat the catalyst for the new reforms wasConclusionAmy Coney Barret – President Trump To Appoint A New Justice Of The Supreme CourtIntroductionTrump’s Supreme court pickWhat does Amy Coney Barret stand forHow much […]