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Environmental activism attributes to the advancing together of diverse groups of people and institutions that collaborate in civil, observable, political, and conservational provinces with the central idea of discussing environmental interests.

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The Preservation of Forests: Why is it Important, What We’re Doing About It and How You Can Get Involved

We are living in a time when the preservation of forests is more important than ever. The destruction of forest habitats has led to drastic changes in climate, weather patterns, and air quality. Governments and organizations across the globe have made many efforts to preserve forest habitats- but what can you do? This blog post will discuss the importance of preservation, some things that are being done about it, and how YOU can get involved! What is the Preservation of […]

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The Extinct Animals List And Why Cloning is A Good Idea

This list of extinct animals is a list that will never grow shorter. It is a list of all the animals that we have lost forever. There are many reasons why these animals became extinct – some because they were hunted by humans and others who couldn’t adapt to change in their environment. This list serves as a reminder for us to stop hunting so many species today before it’s too late! The list of extinct animals includes the Tasmanian […]


The Most Polluted Cities in the World

If you live in one of the most polluted cities in the world, then be prepared to deal with dangerous levels of pollution. This article will list all of the most polluted cities in order from least to most polluted, so make sure to read until the end! The most polluted cities are ranked by how bad their air quality is, and unfortunately, most people do not know this until it’s too late. The Most Polluted Cities in the World […]


The Most Polluting Industries: What’s Worst for the Environment

The Most Polluting Industries, and Worst Companies for the Environment. These are two of the essential things on our planet, and unfortunately, they’ve been going downhill fast. For a long time now, we have been relying on these industries to fuel our society. But recent studies show that they may be doing more harm than good in some ways. This blog post will list the top five most contaminating industries in America and explore how their business practices affect our […]

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The No Littering Movement: Why “Do not Litter” is the best

Introduction – Do Not Litter No littering is no joke! Litter can make your surroundings look dirty and unkempt. It can also be harmful to the environment, as it takes a long time for materials like plastic to decompose. If you want to keep your city clean, then do not litter! This article will explore why littering should not happen and what you can do about it. Why No Littering is the way The first reason why no littering should […]

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Deciphering Noise Pollution: Causes and Effects

Introduction – Noise Pollution Noise pollution causes a lot of health problems, including stress, insomnia, and even cognitive decline. In this article, we’ll explore the causes and effects of noise pollution to help you understand how it affects your life so that you can do something about it. What is Noise Pollution Noise pollution is a type of environmental pollution that can be significant and produce adverse health effects. Causes of Noise Pollution The primary sources of noise pollution are […]

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The Cloud Computing Benefits From An Environmental Perspective

Every day, Cloud Computing is being heralded as the next big thing in IT. Cloud computing benefits are plentiful – from increased reliability to decreased costs and better productivity. But what about Cloud Computing’s environmental impact? In 2020, six out of ten businesses moved their workloads to the cloud, marking the highest increase in cloud computing adoption among companies in history. Considering the lower costs, increased security, and flexibility afforded by cloud computing, this trend is expected to continue in […]


Animal Testing Alternatives are the critical way forward

Animal testing is a controversial topic. People on both sides of the fence have strong opinions and arguments, but it seems like most people agree that alternatives to animal testing should be explored. This article will serve as a guide for other options to animal testing and why they matter. We’ll also discuss companies that still use animals in their research and what you can do about it. What is animal testing? Animal testing is exactly what it sounds like. […]

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Recycling pros and cons 101: The best ways to benefit the environment

Recycling is a simple and easy way to help the environment, but many people are unsure what materials they can recycle. This guide will cover the recycling pros and cons of some everyday things we throw away daily. We’ll also talk about other means of beneficial waste disposal that you might not have been aware existed! The advantages and disadvantages of recycling Plastic Recycling programs worldwide recycle rigid plastics (recycled yogurt containers) and soft plastics (those stretchy shopping bags). There […]


World Animal Day: What is it?

What is World Animal Day? World Animal Day is an annual event that takes place on October 4th. It is a day for people to celebrate, commemorate, and raise awareness of animals worldwide. How is World Animal Day Celebrated? -Public displays are put up with artwork featuring animals. -Free vegan meals are served to encourage plant-based eating. -Green spaces are left vacant for petting zoos, feeder stations, or benches with students can sit and study. -Animals are commemorated by being […]