Environmental Activism


Environmental activism attributes to the advancing together of diverse groups of people and institutions that collaborate in civil, observable, political, and conservational provinces with the central idea of discussing environmental interests.

Appearing like gigantic blue marbles, oceans are the largest water reservoir, covering 71% of the globe. The air we breathe, the oxygen we inhale, the heat vital to keep us warm, everything comes from oceans. Oceans prevent the earth from getting too hot or too cold by circulating heat, making […]

Plastic debris affects sea Life throughout the ocean

Air is the medium we breathe in. It is the reason we are living. Unfortunately, we seem not to be much concerned about protecting this asset as we should be. In recent years, air pollution has hiked to new heights, and who is responsible for this notorious increase? Humans.  Our […]

Air pollution facts and causes

During the last few decades, human activities put the world’s wild creatures on the brink of crisis. Unfortunately, the world has lost over 50% of vertebrate wildlife in the last 40 years. Illegal hunting, agriculture expansion, wildfires, and logging imposed a severe threat to the natural ecosystem. All these factors […]

US Sen. Richard Blumenthal introduces the Forage Fish Conservation Act

Humans’ contribution to pollution in the atmosphere and melting glaciers is a few of the many reasons why the world has to face rising sea levels. The thermal expansion causes the seawater to become less dense, resulting in sea levels that rise. In 2019, an annual sea-level rise rate of […]

Sea levels rising – 5 things an activist must know

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‘A worrying fact shows that lost pets remain a structural problem that requires greater intervention and cooperation from all agents involved to reduce this figure and to ensure the welfare of dogs and cats in our society.’ Millions of lost pets end up abandoned annually in the US, as reported […]

The worrying realities of lost pets America

For the past few decades, the globe’s temperature is increasing at an alarming rate, mainly due to human activities. The long-term temperature rise is expanding waters, melting ice caps, and glaciers more rapidly than in the past. As the condition worsens, scientists have expended their efforts to assess the damage […]

The Arctic is getting hotter, greener, and less icy