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Feel-good stories that will leave you with a positive feeling. Uplifting people one story at a time. If you are feeling down, you must read this today.

The Top 10 Lesbian Movies of All Time

What are the top 10 lesbian movies of all time? If this is a question, you find yourself asking, then read on. In this article, we will be discussing some of the top-rated lesbian films and why they made a list. We will also discuss some other great gay/lesbian films out there that did not make it onto our list but deserve to be seen! #10: The Doom Generation (1995) This film follows Tracey’s journey from her hometown in Ohio […]

Inspirational Quotes to Boost Your Confidence

Read these inspirational quotes Do you need a little inspiration? Check out this list of inspirational quotes to give you the confidence boost that you are looking for. As humans, we all have our ups and downs in life. Sometimes it can be hard to get back up on your feet when times are tough. What we think, we become. All that we are arises with our thoughts. Buddha All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking. Nietzsche Believe you […]

The Good Morning Quotes Collection: Start your day right

Contents Quotes are the best way to start the dayGreat job! Keep going for more good morning quotesMore Good morning quotesConclusion to good morning quotesQuotes are the best way to start the day The good morning quotes we have collected for you today are perfect for sharing with your friends and family. They will start the day on a good note and may even motivate them to do something good! These quotes can also be shared on social media platforms […]

World Smile Day: What to know before the day in 2021

Introduction – What is World Smile Day World Smile Day is an event that is organized to bring people together to smile. The day is celebrated on the 20th of November every year. The purpose of this event is not just limited to making people smile but also includes spreading happiness all over the globe. The ambassador for the day, Dr. Randeep Guliana, has stated that “A happy person empowers others.” He has also added that “A smile costs nothing […]

International Literacy Day: Reading, Writing and More

Introduction What does International Literacy Day mean? International literacy day was first celebrated in 1966 by the United Nations General Assembly to recognize the importance of literacy for international development. This year marks 66 years since this international observance began! International Literacy Day is coming up on September 8th, and it’s a perfect time to discuss international literacy day. Why International Literacy Day matters International Literacy Day is an important day that needs to be celebrated each year. It is […]

World Animal Day: What is it?

Introduction World Animal Day is an annual event that takes place on October 4th. It is a day for people to celebrate, commemorate, and raise awareness of animals worldwide. How World Animal Day is celebrated -Public displays are put up with artwork featuring animals. -Free vegan meals are served to encourage plant-based eating. -Green spaces are left vacant for petting zoos, feeder stations, or benches with students can sit and study. -Animals are commemorated by being named after them in […]

Universal Health Care: How It Works

Universal health care provides universal coverage for all members of society, with public and private elements. This article discusses the various ways this type of system works, how it can be done in practice and what other systems are like. We will also look at the arguments for and against universal healthcare to help you make an informed decision about whether or not it would work well in your country. The 3 main types of universal health care systems Are […]

Negative People: 10 Tips for Dealing with them

Negative people can cause negative energy in any situation. They are always negative, and it is tough to please them. If you have ever had a negative person come into your life, then this article will be of great help! We will provide 10 tips on dealing with negative people so that their negative energy no longer affects you. Negative people are sad. They always see the worst in themselves and others. They tell you that you are not good […]

World Hunger Day: A Brief History and What You Can Do to Help

World Hunger Day is an international observance on October 16. It was introduced in 1991 by the United Nations General Assembly to mobilize global awareness about hunger and poverty amid economic development. The most common themes of World Hunger Day are reducing food wastage, providing access to agricultural resources, improving agriculture practices, donating money or time for humanitarian efforts, and creating public awareness campaigns. The United Nations General Assembly created World Hunger Day To raise awareness about world hunger and […]

National Acne Positivity Day: Celebrating self love

A few years ago, national acne positivity day was created to celebrate acne people and raise acne awareness. The movement has accomplished so much since its creation in 2013, including reducing the stigma surrounding acne. This article will discuss acne positivity day, how the campaign started, and how you can be beautiful with acne! Acne is a skin condition that is caused by several different factors. Acne can form on both oily and normal skin, but it’s more common in […]