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Feel-good stories that will leave you with a positive feeling. Uplifting people one story at a time. If you are feeling down, you must read this today.

International Women’s Day facts and history

International Women’s Day facts This is a day to celebrate women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. It is also an opportunity for us to reflect on the challenges that lie ahead. This year’s theme is “Time Is Now: Rural And Urban Activists Transforming Women’s Lives,” which aims to highlight grassroots activism from rural and urban communities worldwide who are working together for change in their local contexts. International Women’s Day was first observed on […]

Feel Good news headlines – Late 2020 edition

California inmates became activists to help a student in need Life is a circle of happiness, sorrow, and hard time. Sometimes, it brightens us by bringing unexpected gaiety, while others mark a grueling journey. That time appears to be most prolonged, and we feel being assaulted from all sides. In such a painful period when you are alone, and there is no one to wipe your tears, people become a source of happiness. No matter […]