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Feel-good stories that will leave you with a positive feeling. Uplifting people one story at a time. If you are feeling down, you must read this today.

A-Z of Bad Leaders: 12 examples of terrible leadership skills

Contents Introduction to bad leadershipHow to identify bad leadersBad Leaders in BusinessBad Leaders TodayBad Leadership in Small BusinessesList of famously Bad leadersAttila the HunQueen MaryJoseph StalinAdolf HitlerIdi AminFive more terrible LeadersQin Shi HuangGenghis Khan Tomas de Torquemada    Pol Pot  Ivan the Terrible ConclusionIntroduction to bad leadership Over time, bad leaders have been given nicknames such as “tyrant,” “dictator,” and “bully.” These are all fitting names for bad leaders because they rule by fear rather than through inspiration. But what makes someone into a […]

Walled gardens on the internet –  meaning and examples

Christian Bagg designed an adventurous bike for the paralyzed

Christian Bagg, a young entrepreneur and designer from Norway, has created an adventurous bike for the paralyzed. The bike is designed to make it easier for people who have lost mobility to experience outdoor life again. Christian’s first invention was a prosthetic arm that enables people with disabilities to mix their own drinks without assistance. Now he’s making biking possible for those in wheelchairs! The bike is called “The Right Bike” The bike is made from lightweight materials that can […]