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Fox News Bias explored: Examples of Media Bias


The three valuable things you need to know about Fox News and whether they are biased are their history, how they got their success and the valid criticisms. If you consider yourself a media activist, you bring some facts when you make your activist arguments.

Fair and Balanced?

Is Fox News Biased?

Fox News is an American cable and satellite news channel owned by Fox Entertainment Group. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes established the channel in 1996 with its headquarters in New York.

  • Rupert Murdoch is an Australian-born American media mogul, born on 11 March 1931 in Melbourne. Ailes was an ex-political consultant of Republicans who appointed himself as the CEO of this news network but resigned in 2016 because of harassment charges from more than 20 women. 
  • Fox News presents 20-hour live news programs; most are broadcasted from Fox news headquarters in New York, while some are aired from Fox News studio in Washington, D.C. Its average revenue is estimated at around $6.66 billion this year, almost 11% higher than last year.
  • At the time Fox News aired its first broadcasting, almost 17 million homes viewed it. Its “fair and balanced” policy plays a vital role in achieving the milestone of most-watched news channels with 3.507 million prime times (8-11 p.m.) viewers in 2020.

How Fox News found its success

On October 7.1996, Fox News started working by airing the first episode of The O’Reilly Report hosted by Bill O’Reilly. Hannity and Colmes was another live TV show broadcasted on 7 October 1996 by Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes. The show was initiated to cover liberal and conservative views on other news. After two years, in 1998, the program was renamed The O’Reilly Factor that continued as one of the top-rated programs till 2017.

  • By January 2002, Fox News surpassed the News Industry by beating its competitor, CNN.
  • Since then the Fox News is dominating the News networks while maintaining its top position. Fox News is acclaimed for covering almost every news story from basic rights to politics, from coronavirus to presidential elections.  They even have their own streaming service, specifically tailored to their base.

Criticisms and examples of Fox News bias

Fox News has gone digital. If you don’t know what that means, it means they have gone all-in on the “entertainment” factor. In May 2018, Jay Wallace, an American journalist, was appointed as President of Fox News, while Suzanne Scott was promoted to CEO. In October 2018, Fox news marked a significant achievement by announcing it as an entertainment company, and now it owns almost 28 stations in the U.S.

We passed CNN at the end of January 2002 in viewership and the key 25-54 demo in both total day and primetime and never looked back. There is no other network in the cable that can lay claim to this level of consistent dominance with one of the most loyal and passionate audiences in the country
Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallacer

Despite its top ranking, Fox News is censured for its emotional headlines. Although Fox News claims that it provides accurate and neutral reporting, its critics allege Fox news for supporting Republicans. According to them, Fox news played an important role in electing Trump during 2016 as it covered most of the stories favoring Trump.


When it comes to the authenticity of facts, Fox news is declared the least accurate news network by PolitiFact. Moreover, the fox news bias is clearly evident when it comes to conservative ideas and policy.

What’s are your thoughts about this? Let’s know in the comments below.

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