Good Nights for Lunar Consciousness: Full Moon Rituals, Spells and Manifestations

Introduction to full moon rituals

Welcome to your guide to full moon rituals and spells. The way the moon waxes and wanes tells a story. From new beginnings to endings, we can see our progress in the celestial dance of light and dark from one cycle of life to another.

The Full moon is a time for celebration when we can gather with friends or family members to honor lunar consciousness manifesting through us all.

Full Moon Manifestations

The full moon is a powerful time to do things like spellwork, manifestation workshops, and other rituals for which you would want to create a maximal impact!

  • For example, if there’s something you’d love to have in your life but don’t currently have then it’s best that you focus on manifesting at the right times which are new moons and full moons!
  • On these two days energy is high so it works out well when focusing on creating what we desire through our magickal work.
  • If possible try not doing anything else during these phases because they effect us all rather than just one person alone.

Full Moon Spells and Rituals

When using tarot cards or a pendulum for divination during full or new moons, we ask “yes/no” questions and receive answers.

  • Going with the theme of light and dark that’s present in this time period, yes tends to mean more positive things while no means negative outcomes.
  • Be careful however as sometimes what you’re asking may be too broad (i.e., Will I find love?) so make sure whatever it is you need clarity on is specific.

Sympathy Ritual

Another good idea would be if something terrible has happened recently, such as an accident or death, then doing their sympathy ritual will help with removing any negativity from your space and environment, which could contribute to them coming back again another day!

How to make full moon spells more effective

Before performing any spells, ensure that there isn’t anything else going on during that time because it can cause interference with your magickal workings!

  • This is why new moons and full moons are the best days to do different things, however if you have to take into account seasons then spring/summer/early autumn would be ideal times for any kind of spellwork.
  • If doing something like divination or tarot cards make sure they’re done at night before bedtime since this is when our subconsciousness works its magic which will help us tune in even more!
  • For example, I found meditation was very helpful if trying to get a message from my higher self about certain issues going on in my life which helped me immensely.
  • When using candles for spells try not keeping them too close together as someone could knock into them or cause a fire! They should be far enough apart to not have anything happen like that.
  • Lastly, if doing spellwork outside then make sure it’s in an open area where people can’t see you otherwise they might think you’re up to no good which isn’t cool so keep your magickal practice secret for maximum effect 🙂

New Moon Rituals

Moon rituals are a great way to connect with the changing Moon phases and energies. New Moon rituals can help us set intentions, whether for new beginnings, change, or simply positive vibes. There is a New Moon on pretty much every single day of the year.

While taking part in moon rituals doesn’t require anything specific, there are some things worth keeping in mind when creating your ceremony.


Just as solar eclipses are most potent at their actual time, they can be used in rituals simultaneously. You can find out when solar and lunar eclipses occur here and when the Moon is most powerful according to its sign here.

Sacred space

Create an altar or sacred space with crystals, candles, your favorite scent, and anything else that helps you connect to the energy of that moment.  Photo credit: Anukool Manoton


I recommend around 20 minutes. It will feel longer because of how connected we feel  to what we’re doing when we create a ritual, but it’s unnecessary (if you wanted to keep going for 30+ minutes, though, why not?)

Sending positive vibes

Whether by visualizing a ball of light around or saying mantras, we can send positive vibes/vibrations after creating our ritual.

The Moon’s phases and what they represent:

New Moon

The new moon is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. This is a decisive phase to set intentions for change and anything else you wish to manifest.

It’s also a great time to let go of things that no longer serve us.

Waxing crescent (first visible)

The seed has been planted, and now it begins to grow. We’re still in the building stage, but it is possible for us to see the first glimmers of what we’ve started.

First-quarter (major)

We’re at the halfway mark, and we can see what has been created.

Waxing gibbous (major)

The manifestation, be it a new job or a new plant for your garden, is growing larger. This phase represents the fruition of our intentions from the New Moon. Photo credit: anokarina

Full moon

What was started over the last few weeks/months is now coming to full term. In this phase, we should take some time to reflect on everything that’s occurred since the beginning of this cycle and let ourselves revel in our achievements if we’ve achieved anything by this stage!

Balsamic/Dark Moon (or waning gibbous)

This is the phase where we let go and detach from what is no longer serving us. We can feel its presence, but now it’s time to let go of all attachments completely.

Waning crescent (last visible)

It’s goodbye and farewell! All that was no longer working has dissolved into the ether, and everything else is beginning to fade into the distance as we move towards a new cycle.

Note: sometimes there won’t be any visible crescent at this stage if it is too close to conjunction with the Sun.

Waning Gibbous (major)

Everything that was not serving us in the last cycle has dissolved into nothingness. Now, everything begins anew.

Dark moon/Balsamic Moon (or waning crescent)

It’s time to say goodbye to what we don’t need in our lives and bring awareness to the new beginnings and fresh starts ahead. This is a powerful time for letting go and beginning anew.

Full Moon Activity Ideas

The most basic idea is to do something with nature every day during this full moon month… whether it’s walking in your neighborhood, following the “Full Moon Finds” book by Margret & H.A Rey, or doing one of the other full moon ideas.

  • Learn about moon cycles (and why there are even such things as full moons!) by reading the book ” Why is tonight a full moon ?”, or you can read it online.
  • You can also sing along to “The Moon Ran Away With the Spoon”. *Go on a photo safari and try to take pictures of wildlife and nature during this month (the projector helps at night).
  • Make your own calendar with drawings of each day’s activities. Or paint rocks and leave them outside around your yard as signposts pointing to different places in your backyard where monthly activity takes place! For more painting ideas, check out my Painting Page.
  • Draw a picture of what you see when looking up at the moon, or paint it if you’d like more details! I drew/painted mine sitting in our driveway one night… but, if you can’t do this on your own property (esp with little kids!), painting inside will work too.
  • Go for a walk and collect leaves to press – make sure they are all about the same width so they’ll fit on your board nicely.
  • Make up a song about what you see while walking in nature.
  • Draw pictures of plants and animals you see while out on your nature walks.
  • Visit public flower/plant gardens (a church, school, library) and draw or paint pictures of flowers there – some teachers I know have discovered children’s art is welcome everywhere! Just be sure to bring paper, pencils, crayons, watercolors, etc with you so you can do it outside if needed!


A full moon is an event that can be used to work on projects, manifest desires, and perform rituals. The best way to get the most out of your experience with this ritual is by being mindful about what you are looking for beforehand.

Whether you are working on a project or want something specific from life, it’s essential to take some time beforehand to focus energy towards achieving these goals during the full moon ritual itself.

This will help make sure that all events the following suit align accordingly so you can start seeing results sooner rather than later. With careful consideration given beforehand, there’s no limit as to how much good fortune might come into play when performing spells manifestation around the full moon!


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