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Ghost Stories: Scary Tales from Around the World

ghost stories

We all love ghost stories. There is something both scary and intriguing about them, even if most of us know they are not real. They make for great entertainment when you leave the lights on at night! But what ghost stories do you know? This article has 10 ghost stories from around the world that will keep you up at night…

what are ghost stories

1. Ghost stories are a type of folklore that is passed down from generation to generation

2. They often take place in abandoned buildings, such as old houses or castles

3. Ghosts can be either friendly or hostile, and they may appear at any time

4. A ghost’s appearance can be similar to how it looked when living – for example, an older man with a beard might wear the same clothes he wore while alive

5. Some ghosts have been known to possess people and make them do things against their will

6. The most common types of ghosts are poltergeists and spirits who died violently

7) There are many reasons why someone would become a ghost after death – for example, if they died unexpectedly or they were murdered, their spirit may come back to seek revenge

8. Some people believe that ghosts are the spirits of dead people who have unfinished business on Earth

9. Ghost sightings are well documented – one of the most famous cases was at Hampton Court Palace in 2007 when a man saw the ghost of Catherine Howard walking along with one of the corridors

10. Some cultures believe that if you die with unresolved issues, your spirit will become a ghost and haunt those responsible for your death

There have been numerous sightings of ghosts over the years

One highly-publicized case was at Hampton Court Palace in 2007 when a man saw Catherine Howard’s ghost walking along a corridor. The most famous type of ghost is the poltergeist which causes things to move by themselves.

Spirits can be either visible or invisible – for example, during the 1930s in Britain, the Grey Lady’s sightings at Hampton Court Palace were reported.

Another famous ghost is that of Elisabeth von Károlyi, who’s said to have committed suicide by throwing herself down a staircase. These types of ghosts are often called spirits or specters.

Ghost sightings are well-documented – one recorded case was when photographer Christopher Robinson captured an image of what he believed to be the ghostly apparition of a man in an Oxford college in 1991.

This ghost story is from England, and it has to do with a ghost coming out of the TV. Every night at exactly midnight, this ghost would appear on screen in all its terrifying glory! When no one was looking, it would open up its mouth wide enough for someone’s head to fit inside. The ghost would then suck their brains right out of their skull while they were watching TV. This happened several times before people finally figured out what was going on…

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Other cultures believed that ghost stories were only told to scare people

But the Japanese have always held a belief in spirits of all types.

Japanese folklore is filled with stories about ghosts. And while some are scary, some are quite beautiful… more so if you can find them.

Shinjuku Ghost Story 2- This ghost was of an architect who had committed suicide in the 1970s. He began haunting his wife nightly, asking her to stay with him. When she reported it to her friends, they told her to get a priest or Buddhist monk to perform some exorcism or ceremony for him to stop bothering her. One night, while watching TV, she saw herself in the mirror pass by and go through the mirror. Her sister said it means that if you see yourself pass through something like glass, wood, etc., it means death is coming soon. Her husband died shortly after seeing himself walk past his wife in the mirror.

Shinjuku Ghost Stories- The ghosts are said to be people committing suicide by jumping from the station’s 13th level observation deck. Workers report seeing these ghosts on or around the stairs at night. One worker reported that he was working late one night when he thought he saw a ghost standing near him. The next day, he heard that there had been a suicide on the observation deck.

More Famous ghost stories

-The most well-known ghost story may be The Amityville Horror and its adaptations. This story has been retold numerous times, and Jay Anson wrote the best-selling book in 1977. The Amityville Horror is about a family that moves into a home plagued with malevolent forces and eventually leads the youngest of the Lutz family, Jay Jr., to death by drowning in their boathouse. A year after Jay Jr.’s death, the family moved out of the house because of the constant paranormal activity they were experiencing.

-Another famous ghost story is A Christmas Carol, which was originally published in 1843 by Charles Dickens. It tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and his transformation after meeting the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. This story has been adapted numerous times and is one of the most widely recognized ghost stories in history.

-The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. It tells the tale of Ichabod Crane and his demise after he courts a local beauty named Katrina Van Tassel. He meets with a headless horse rider on his way to see her and becomes paranoid that he is being followed, which leads him to an early death.

-Perhaps one of the more controversial ghost stories comes from India, where it is said that spirit photography was used to capture images of Tantric magic rituals done between two men or two women during or festivals to conceive a child. The practice became very popular and was soon introduced to Victorian society who called the people darkies or orientals. In 1892, a man named H. S. Gispert wrote about seeing an oriental ghost wedding photograph in which he said: “one of the bridesmaids wore a particularly distinctive dress.”

An article from Scientific American states that many people believe spirit photography is real because it appears as if there are two sets of bodies even though only one set is present during production. And while some may say these photographs are doctored, others claim they were taken before the modern age of photography, and lens technology allowed for such double exposures to take place through trickery. Some scientists blame sunspots as the reason for unusual abnormalities in spirit photographs.

-The tale of Elisa Lam, whose body was found in the Los Angeles aqueduct near downtown Los Angeles four months after her initial disappearance. Her death was ruled accidental, but many believe it to be a homicide given that there were no signs of mental illness or drug abuse, and she had only gotten off of an elevator on the fourth floor when she either jumped or was pushed out onto the roof of that very same elevator.

She then made her way down to the water tanks on top of the building, several floors below where she exited from. Surveillance camera recordings show her acting completely erratic while making these moves as if someone else had control over her actions. The elevator footage from inside the building first alerted them that something was wrong with her actions. Her autopsy results showed no evidence of drugs or alcohol in her system, but a high concentration of prescription drugs was found in her bag.

-Doll Island near Singapore and Malaysia, where the spirits of children who died as a result of abuse by their adoptive parents are still roaming the island. In 2012, a news channel headed out to investigate this claim and produced a documentary about an alleged portal between worlds through which ghosts can travel back and forth from our world to theirs without detection from those around us. It’s believed that these ghosts only seek vengeance against others and do not help themselves.

As a result of this, it is recommended that people not visit the island after dark.

-Kuchisake-Onna, who is also known as “the slit-mouthed woman.” She was mutilated by her husband then forced to wear a mask cut from ear to ear. She then returns as a vengeful spirit on the streets of Japan, usually during the late afternoon or early evening hours. Many have claimed she asks them if she’s beautiful before removing her facial covering to see what she has become. Although no one knows how many sightings are actually authentic, some believe it may be real due to reports of so many people making similar claims about seeing the same entity.

-In Canada, a popular ghost story tells about the White Lady of Parliament Hill who has been seen by many visiting the area and is said to be the spirit of a woman who died during renovations done on Parliament in 1857. Reports claim that she appears from time to time at night near the building where she tragically lost her life while crossing back and forth over a beam high above everyone else during construction.

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Nobody really knows where ghost stories got started, but it seems likely that humans just needed a way to explain things they could not understand on their own. This leads them to believe there was something bigger than themselves out there watching over them. It also made sense with all the scary noises outside when darkness fell, never knowing if you would live through another night…

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