15 Ways to Be Kind For National Be Nice Day

15 Ways to Be Kind For National Be Nice Day

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National Be Nice Day is a day where everyone is encouraged to be nice to others. The goal of this day is to bring people together through kindness.

How National Be Nice Day started

This day started as an Instagram account for the same purpose but has become much more. This account has accumulated over 1 million followers, and posters come from worldwide.

Examples of what can be found on this account range from drawings that encourage kindness to pictures of people who have done something kind for others and videos that showcase celebrities promoting kindness.

What’s done on National Be Nice Day

Throughout the year, National Be Nice Day also holds campaigns that help remind people about how they can be kinder to others and other ways in which they can promote kindness. For instance, one of this day’s campaigns is called “I Was Nice Day.” This campaign started in which people would admit their loveliest moment and then nominate a group of friends to do the same. These actions can also be seen on their website, www.benice.com, which was created to share all things related to National Be Nice Day.

When is National Be Nice Day

As of May 2017, National Be Nice Day is also an official day. The date for this holiday has not been set in stone due to requests that they should have more than one day for this occasion each year. However, the holiday is usually held during September or October due to school starting back then. This holiday was started by two siblings who wanted to bring more kindness into the world. They are now working with celebrities all over social media to help get their message out about being nice to others.

How to Celebrate

There are many examples of how National Be Nice Day has brought people together through kindness throughout the years, whether through social media, campaigns, or personal connections. As the founder of National, Be Nice Day says, “There are so many great things about this day. I think one is that it’s not just one thing. It’s not just me doing something to try and promote kindness, it’s everyone who participates. That has been a really big part of why people have liked what we’re doing.”

15 Ways To Be Kind

1. Smile at people

2. Give compliments to others

3. Listen to someone’s story without interrupting them

4. Laugh with friends and family members, not at them

5. Be honest in your interactions with other people

6. Say “I love you” more often than just on holidays or birthdays

7. Share food when you have extra of it, even if it’s something small like a cookie or cupcake from the grocery store bakery section

8. Appreciate what other people do for you – let them know that they are appreciated by giving hugs, writing thank-you notes, etcetera (be creative!)! 9) Take care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising regularly

10. Use self-control and be patient with those around you; try not to get angry or yell.

11. Tell people what they mean to you! People like it when you appreciate them, even if it’s as simple as saying, “thank you for holding the door open for me” or “you look very nice today.” Everyone likes to hear that they’re doing a good job.

12. If someone is sad, spend time with them and do something to cheer them up. Make new memories together and try to make them feel better!

13. Offer support and encouragement by telling others about your own experiences, so they know they aren’t alone in their struggles. Sometimes having an outside perspective on a situation can help others.

14. Be kind to yourself by being gentle when you make mistakes and forgiving when you mess up. Admit your faults, apologize, and learn from them!

15. One of the most important things is not what you say but how you say it – make your words count! Make sure they aren’t cutting or rude in any way. 🙂


On national be nice day, don’t forget to spread some kindness today! Be sure to send a card, call your grandparents, and tell them how much you love them. Offer somebody in need help with their groceries, take that person’s shift off work, or offer to babysit his child so he can go on a date night with his wife. Get creative about being kind–the world needs more people like you!

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