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How to be an activist

how to be an activist and protest safely infographic

How to be an activist: what if I told you “You are an activist. You just don’t know it yet.” That’s what one of my favorite professors from college told me when I was 19, and it resonated with me for a long time. Every day you have the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life, but as we all know, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to activism. So where do you start?

Take some time to think about your passions or things that really concern you and how they can affect others around them. Choose something that speaks to you – whether it be child abuse prevention, environmental conservation or human rights – then take the leap! And who knows…maybe someday I’ll find out who this really matters to.

A lot of people think that activism is only for the famous or rich. But it’s not true! Activism starts with you and your friends, family, and neighbors. And everyone can help change the world!

We’ve put together a list of ways how to be an activist

Are you the type of person who likes to be a part of the change? Do you like being involved in your community and talking to people about important topics? If so, then this article is for you! This blog post will outline some tips on how to be an activist. First, we must define what activism is: “Activism refers to engagement in activities or actions that are intended to bring about political or social change.” So now that we know, the definition let’s get into some examples and tips on how to do it!

The ability to think and reason is what puts human beings superior to animals. As the outcome of the reason comes the change. Every day, we see many people fighting for change. They want to change things, for they don’t find them suitable for the standards for humanity.  

But who are they, and what are they fighting for?

Publically tagged as ‘activists,’ these people fight for a common cause by impeding the traditional norms and challenging the pressing problems. From human rights violations to social discrimination and animal rights to the climate crisis, we see activists advocating social issues worldwide.

But being an activist isn’t easy. It requires a lot of struggle, energy, and passion. Have that activist spark in you? Find how to train yourself for the challenge.  

Educate others as well as yourself:

Being an activist needs knowledge, action, and struggle. It’s all about raising awareness among the people. So before educating people on any issue, it is important to educate yourself about the cause you are fighting for. Once you come up with sufficient knowledge, spread what you know to guide people in the right direction.

Practice the activism in your daily life:

If you want to advocate a social belief, you need to practice it in your daily life. For example, if you are fighting to end racial discrimination, prove it by your actions. Never hesitate to speak against racism even you see it in your friends and family members. Similarly, if you decide to struggle for the ecological crisis, be the first to implement it before motivating others.

Use social media platforms to connect with people:

Social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, are often thought to spread negativity. However, when it comes to activism, they are the best tools to amplify your beliefs and ideas. If you want to be an activist, engaging social media networks is vital for bringing sustainable social change as they connect you activists and organizations worldwide having the same goals.

Get involved in your local politics:

Activism played a major role in reshaping the world’s politics. So, for bringing a social change, you need to be actively involved in local politics. For being a social activist, you need to attend town meetings to stay alert about what’s happening in your town. Never hesitate to raise your voice against any social and political issue as it is necessary for your community’s welfare.


Protesting and mobilizing people to support your cause is an effective tool to raise awareness about any social issue. It is the most efficient way to keep other’s attention focused on your campaign. So, protesting is key to be an activist if you want to spread awareness and fight social challenges.

For example, Black lives matter demonstrations and protests for police reforms brought huge awareness regarding racism in America.

What are your thoughts? Have any suggestions in this regard? Feel free to share in the comments section.

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