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How to Handle Jealousy in a Relationship: The Definitive Guide

Jealousy is a complex emotion to handle, and it can wreak havoc on your relationships. So the main questions we are answering are: How to handle jealousy in a relationship? What if one partner is jealous of the other’s success? It might be best to find out here.

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How to Handle Jealousy in a Relationship

Jealousy is an essential aspect of developing any interpersonal connection, but how do you deal with it? If one partner becomes jealous of another’s success or happiness, then some things can help make them feel better about themselves and promote trust between them.

This blog post will teach you how to:

– understand what jealousy means and why it’s vital for your relationship

– identify the different types of jealousy that exist in relationships

– learn how to cope with these emotions when they arise

– recognize the warning signs of jealousy

– understand what it takes to prevent your relationship from becoming toxic due to these feelings.

What is Jealousy

Jealousy is a feeling of anger, doubt, fear, concern, or sorrow caused by the belief that someone you love may love someone else. The feeling of envy may go as far as feelings of insecurity, inferiority, inadequacy, and any other negative emotion.

In a very comprehensive article published on Softpedia, it is explained that “Jealousy does not only exist between humans but also within other species,” and there are several examples given: a male lion takes over a female from another tribe if she has cubs; a female chimpanzee devours her newborn if the baby was fathered by someone else; “female gorillas can even attack each other if they suddenly feel insecure about their status.”

In fact, ‘jealousy’ would be closer to possessiveness or protecting what you perceive as yours rather than being genuine love.

What Causes Jealousy

The following points will show why understanding what causes emotions like jealousy is so vital for maintaining successful relationships:

  • Jealousy isn’t inherently bad if people know how to handle their emotions appropriately.
  • It provides insight into your significant other’s insecurities and triggers.
  • It gives you the chance to practice coping with these feelings when they come up

By learning how to identify warning signs of jealously, it can help prevent your relationship from turning toxic. Learning about what might cause someone to become jealous is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship.

What Triggers Jealous Feelings

Once people know why jealousy happens, then it becomes easier to handle emotionally charged situations that arise between partners during their time together. To deal with emotions like jealousy properly, individuals must understand them first:

– Jealousy arises out of an irrational fear of losing somebody we care about

– These fears are based on our insecurities more than any situation or action taking place around us

– Jealousy can also be triggered by feelings of rejection or inadequacy when comparing ourselves to others

– It allows us the chance to talk through our emotions with an open mind

– We’re more likely not to feel threatened if we know what sets off our jealousy

What are the Different Types of Jealousy

There are a few different types of jealousy. One type is envy, which is feeling discontent with oneself. Another type is the envy of others, which means wanting what someone else has or wishing they had it instead of you.

The third type of jealousy is sexual jealousy. Sexual jealousy can be caused by emotional entanglement and suspicion that your partner may have been unfaithful. In this case, it’s worth considering if your partner feels the same way about you as you do them! This type has a sense of pride behind envy.

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Tips to Deal With Jealous People

We can build up self-esteem and confidence so that we don’t fear losing another partner due to insecurity. If you practice coping with your feelings surrounding jealousy, it makes it easier for other partners to do the same.

Relationships thrive when both people feel unconditionally loved and supported by one another. If your significant other is jealous of you, then it means that they’re thinking about themselves first instead of the relationship as a whole. The best way to handle this emotion surrounding jealousy is through open communication:

– It might be worth considering what triggers their insecurities when it comes to your success or happiness together

– Talk with them about how these feelings make you both feel insecure about yourselves

– Try making time for each other outside the house to see more examples of ways that they are appreciated.

Jealousy isn’t inherently wrong, but if it’s left unchecked, then problems can arise within relationships. Handling situations like jealously only becomes more accessible when people know why these emotions come up between partners when the trust needs to be at its highest point. Understanding what might cause you to feel this way is vital for the overall success of your life and how you handle yourself in future situations where jealousy rears its head.

How to Deal with Jealous Coworkers

When people want something that is always going to be outside of their reach, they’re going to feel jealous at the moment when they can’t get it. Even if this means passing over other people to move ahead and advance yourself in your career path, some people might still put themselves down and play the comparison game because they don’t believe in themselves or their talents.

You can keep this person at arm’s length if they’re unwilling to help advance your career goals. Maybe one day, they’ll come around if you continue to work hard and add value to the company that employs both of you. As far as working with them directly goes, try not to act like you’re the superstar. If you do, they’ll manipulate you to get what they want regarding career goals and compensation. It’s better just to be yourself so that people don’t become jealous of your talents and abilities in the workplace.

The next time someone becomes emotional because your success makes them feel inferior, consider why they act this way. Do they lack confidence? What is it about your accomplishments that make them feel insecure about themselves? Is it possible that their jealousy will turn into contempt towards you if nothing can be done about your level of achievement at work?

Ask these questions before saying something stupid like, “I’m sorry I got promoted.” Being humble will go a long way in maintaining a positive work environment.


Jealousy is a powerful emotion that can be both constructive and destructive. It’s crucial to recognize jealousy when it arises, identify the underlying root of your feelings about what you are jealous of, and take steps to change yourself or your situation.

If you’re experiencing intense emotions due to jealousy in an area where there is no obvious course for action – such as feeling jealous because someone else has more money than you do- try focusing on gratitude for everything good in your life while simultaneously working towards increasing those areas where we want more control over our lives. This will not only help us feel better but also inspire positive changes!

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