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The Definitive Guide on How to Tell if Someone Likes You

It can be tricky when you’re trying to figure out how to tell if someone likes you. It’s often hard to tell how people feel about us because we don’t know how they act around everyone else. But some signs might give away how they feel.

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How To Tell if Someone Likes You?

– They’re always making eye contact

– They lean in when you talk

– When they laugh, it’s genuine

– If they touch you or your things

– how to tell if someone likes you.

These are just some of the signs that might indicate how this person feels about you – but there might be more! The best thing to do is pay attention and see how their actions seem toward everyone else versus how they act with you alone. And then use all these tips on how to tell if someone likes you like a spy (hint: don’t let them know). Telling whether someone has feelings for us can be challenging because we don’t want our own emotions getting confused in the mix. It’s easy to think how we feel is how they think, but often it’s not the case.

How To Tell If Someone Likes You But Is Hiding It?

We all have our boundaries, which are designed to protect us from getting hurt. If someone likes you, they may be afraid to show it because they fear rejection. This fear is normal and can often come from past experiences of being hurt by someone or something. If this person gets to know you better, their fear of being rejected will likely diminish. They’ll let their guard down and show how they feel. However, even if their fear doesn’t subside, the mere act of trying to get close to you will still reveal what’s on their mind at that particular time in the hopes that you reciprocate their feelings.

Some people are more guarded when showing people how they truly feel about them at a first impression. Usually, that’s by design. They want to know if the other person is interested in them before they make themselves vulnerable. This is especially true for someone who had had their heartbroken in the past because it’s hard to get over when the person you gave your heart to turned out not to be who you thought they were or betrayed you in some way. It’s like showing a gift and never hearing back from the recipient ever again.

Others may guard their feelings by keeping busy all of the time; That doesn’t mean that they don’t care about their significant other because it can also tell that they care too much. Their fear of getting hurt may be so great that being distracted from thinking about what could happen might keep them from feeling anything at all. It’s also possible that they don’t want their significant other to believe they’re clingy or insecure, which they likely aren’t.

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Another reason why people guard their feelings is that they don’t know how you’ll react if they tell you how much you mean to them. They may fear that it will scare you off and change the nature of your relationship since it could cause some uncertainty if things were already going well, and all of a sudden, they say something like this: “I love you” out of the blue. People tend to avoid situations like these even though we may secretly wish for our partners to say those three words sooner rather than later. As it turns out, there’s a right and a wrong way to let someone know how you feel about them.

It’s a good idea to wait until the other person brings it up first before going on and on about your feelings for them. That also includes telling them how hot they are, even if you have a massive crush on somebody else! It’s like saying that you don’t like vanilla ice cream as much as chocolate (or whatever flavor). Everyone has their preferences and will likely be put off by those who say otherwise because they don’t want to offend anybody or make them think that they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that they’re alright with doing something for someone they may not be attracted to at all.

How To Tell If Someone Likes You Over Text?

First, find out if the person is being responsive. Are they responding quickly to messages? If they answer a message right away, it’s a good sign. This means that they are at least eager to talk or may be interested in you. If a person texts a response a few hours later, they might not be as interested as you thought.

Second, examine the content of their messages. Do they seem genuine and enthusiastic? Friendly people tend to enjoy interacting with other people and want to make them feel comfortable.

Third, pay attention to how the person presents themselves on social media. Look at their Instagram page and see if they post pictures of themselves going out with friends or having fun without mentioning the time or place. This may suggest that they want to convey a particular image of themselves and therefore aren’t particularly interested in meeting up.

Fourth, look out for signs that the person isn’t attracted to you, such as not returning messages or only replying once every few days. If it’s possible, try asking them if they’re still interested and see how they respond. Also, keep an eye on whether or not they seek your approval; if someone is genuinely interested in you, they wouldn’t be controlled by what you think and would merely enjoy talking to you because of who you are: it’s about mutual respect rather than dependency.

Last but not least, consider whether there is any potential opportunity cost involved in meeting up with this person. What if they never get back to you?

If you’re still unsure, try getting to know them better through text before planning a meet-up. If they aren’t interested, then there’s no point in pursuing them further and avoiding loss of time and energy on your part.

What To Do When You Know Someone Likes You?

Once you realize how someone feels about you, though, what should you do next? That can be tricky, too – because if this person isn’t interested in us romantically, things might get awkward quickly. So try to gauge whether or not they’re feeling anything beyond friendly feelings before deciding how to act yourself.

This way, there won’t be any miscommunication that causes tension between you just when everything seems fine! You can also give them hints by flirting back lightly with a smile and see how they respond – flirtatiousness will always make relationships more exciting! If things seem like they want to go further than friendship (or maybe they already have), make sure to keep the conversation going and don’t let it fizzle out. But how can you do that?

You could try alternating between questions about them and letting them ask you some, or take turns asking open-ended questions where there isn’t a yes/no answer like “what’s your favorite thing about me?” (so cheesy) but even something as simple as asking how their day was could be enough!

They should always feel comfortable talking with us if we want to know how someone feels about us – so remember not to interrogate them too much because forcing people into having conversations is never fun for anyone involved. And flirting should come naturally without worrying how it comes off – show this person how awesome you are and how much you care about them, because they’ll appreciate it more than anything!


Flirting isn’t always easy, though, so don’t worry if it feels daunting at first – it takes practice to get good at how to tell if someone likes you! Once people see how our feelings match up, then everything should go back to normal again. And maybe then we’ll be able to use these flirting techniques like hints of affection without worrying about how it comes across.

Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself because that’s how we learn how flirting works best. And the next time someone says, “it seems like there could be something between us,” then they’ll mean it and not just be polite! Good luck with all your relationships, friends 🙂

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