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International News stories – Late 2020 edition

Canada accuses China of coercive diplomacy

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned China for its “coercive diplomacy” and oppressive actions in Hong Kong. He said his government would stand with Uighur Muslims and Hong Kong citizens who have been protesting against the National Security law enforced by China.

What happened between Canada and China

Who will win their latest war of words?

Trudeau said China is also involved in coercive diplomacy by arresting two Canadian citizens in a counterstroke to Meng detention.

“We will stand up loudly and clearly for human rights all around the world whether it’s talking about the situation faced by the Uighurs, whether it’s … talking about the very concerning situation in Hong Kong, whether it’s calling out China for its coercive diplomacy.

We will make sure that China knows that not only are we standing up for human rights and calling on a safe return of the two Michaels who’ve been arbitrarily detained. But we stand with allies around the world and the United States, to Australia, to Great Britain, to European nations to many nations in every corner of the world who share these concerns

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

While on Thursday, the Chinese ambassador advised Canada to stay away from China’s internal affairs and warned Ottawa against permitting asylum to Hong Kong citizens.

China Responds

He also condemned the Canadian allegations of Uighurs Muslim detention in camps and called for Meng’s immediate exoneration.

“It is interference in China’s domestic affairs and certainly will embolden those violent criminals. If Canada wants to keep the 300,000 Canadian passport holders in Hong Kong safe, it should not want to protect them from such “violent criminals. There’s no coercive diplomacy on the Chinese side. Those two Canadian citizens have been prosecuted because they were suspected of engaging in activities that endanger our national security.” Said Cong Peiwu.

The tension between the two countries exits since December 2018, when Canada arrested a Chinese citizen Meng Wanzhou, on a U.S warrant. Meng, Huawei Chief Financial Officer, was charged with allegations of fraud. According to the U.S., Huawei misled Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) about its selling equipment to Iran.


Shortly after Meng’s detention, China arrested two Canadian Citizens, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, who were accused of espionage. After the arrest of Huawei’s Chief Financial officer, China also ceased Canola seeds’ imports to Canada.

Now let’s see whether both countries would revive their strong ties in the coming days, or this exchange of allegations would further flare up the situation.

Rabies Immunization Push Needed Worldwide And Especially In India

2020 has been tough for the world. Challenges like pandemic and climate change have caused us huge damages. The situation is hard, but in such circumstances, we should not overlook the danger of rabies looming over the world. 

Rabies is a viral disease that occurs in 150 countries and territories. It is present on all the continents except Antarctica, but Asia and Africa are the major breeding grounds contributing to 95 percent rabies associated deaths each year. 

India, a country located in South Asia, is a prominent rabies-stricken zone. According to the World Health Organization, each year, the country reports about  20,000 deaths from rabies. 

Stray dogs are the major contributors to the widespread of rabies in India. You will find packs on the roads, in the streets, in the cities and the villages alike. The reason is their enormous population that currently ranges between  35-40 million. 

puppy at the vet about to recieve vaccines for rabies immunization
Rabies immunization for pet dogs is essential. We can’t stress this enough, get your dogs their shots.


Ignorance is one of the major factors responsible for the prevalence of this deadly virus in the country of more than 1.3 billion.  Many people don’t know that they need to report to the emergency if a dog is bitting. Sharing the story of a young, who died of rabies, Dr. Ramesh Masthi at a Bengaluru hospital said,

“He came about a week after he was bitten. The wound was serious, and we couldn’t save him. There is so much ignorance about dog bites and myths. A rabies shot in time would have saved him,”

Dr. Ramesh Masthi

Rabies is a vaccine-preventable disease. In this regard, “United Against Rabies” is an initiative by the WHO to make the world zero-rabies by 2030. This is a collective effort. Each country has to play its part. If India doesn’t overcome the 36 percent of the rabies cases it reports, it’s feared that we wouldn’t achieve the target of a ‘rabies-free’ world by 2030.

A wild wolf that could have rabies
Any mammal can get rabies, and spread it to humans or other animals


Rabies Immunization is critical for world health and happiness. Do you know what having to get rabies shots is like? Yeah, it’s not fun, and no human should have to go through that. Moreover, nobody’s pet should have to suffer from this disease.

Cats In The Ancient World Continue Their Everlasting Legacy

Nazca, a city in Peru, has been a great attraction for archaeologists because of centuries-old drawing etched in its desert named Nazca desert.  

Cats in the ancient world are always relevant

Nazca desert is famous for the Nazca lines. ‘Nazca Lines’ are the large drawings of the animals, plants, and other geometrical objects from the Nazca culture that existed in the area between 100BC and 800BC. 

Recently, archeologists have located a new geoglyph in the area. This latest discovery is 37 meters long cat etching and is about 2000 years old. 

The drawing is carved on a steep slope. The archaeologists say that the hillside is more prone to erosion; that’s why the etching was about to disappear when they found it. 

cats in the ancient world displayed in this etching carved into the desert
As if people needed more evidence that cats are amazing.

What the experts are saying

Johnny Isla, Peru’s chief archaeologist for the Nazca lines, said, “It’s quite striking that we’re still finding new figures, but we also know that there are more to be found.”

In a statement, Peru’s Ministry of Culture said, “The discovery shows, once again, the rich and varied cultural legacy of this site,” says Peru’s Ministry of Culture in a statement.

A modernization of some ancient egyptian cat drawings
The Ancient Egyptians were known to have drawn many cats. In fact, many in Ancient Egypt worshipped cats

[It] was about to disappear because it’s situated on quite a steep slope that’s prone to the effects of natural erosion,

Ministry of Culture

Dated between 100BC and 200Bc, this geoglyph is reported to be the oldest among all the lines that have been unveiled up till now. This prompts the question, why these etching didn’t degrade in the thousand of years?

The answer lies in the natural environment of the region that preserves these etchings. This is a desert area, marked with less rainfall. The sub-soil layer is rich in lime that hardens with the moisture and preserves the marks. That’s why these drawings have made it to this time. 

Many people also inquire why Naca people exerted this much effort in making these huge drawings. In this regard, the experts say that the community’s chances created these marks for navigation purposes that served as marks for the travelers.

A cat sculpture inspired by the ancient egyptian Sphinx
We see your cat etching and raise you a Sphinx scuplture


Cats in the ancient world must have been amazing. Or so easily recognizable that they became art everywhere. This is just one example of many cultures that fell for the average furball. In any case, this is one for the record books.

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