Judicial Activism

Judicial Activism means trying to change laws that are either imbalanced or broken from the start. It also involves procedural and administrative changes within any court or political body.

The judiciary adjudicates legal disputes and interprets, defends, and applies the law in legal cases. The active role of the judiciary includes upholding and promoting the rights of citizens in a country. The judiciary also acts as a system that works for the resolution of disputes. What is Judicial Activism? […]

Judicial activism vs. Judicial restraint

The Supreme Court is the highest judicial body in the United States. The U.S Supreme court’s yearly term began on October 7, 2019, and ended on October 7, 2020. During this term, the Court proceeded with 63 religious, social, political, abortion, and immigration cases in the middle of the Corona pandemic. […]

Five famous Supreme Court cases in 2020