Looking back at the 2020 presidential election polling

The election season was at its peak. Campaign rallies and speeches have excited the public. Everyone wanted to know who would rule the country for the next four years. So here is how the 2020 presidential polls looked in the months leading up to the election

It is too early to declare who would win the elections. Before the national vote, national polls are an excellent way to predict who is most likely to be the next resident of the White House.

According to FINANCIAL TIMES, Biden is leading the presidential race with 50.7 percentage points. In this run, Trump is behind Biden with 42.5 percentage points, putting Biden ahead by 8.2%. 

But, some fortune has hit Biden this time.

Because he is top of the list everywhere, yes, that’s true. The results of DAYBREAK also put Biden ahead of everyone with 53.02 percentage points. On the other hand, Trump could only win the hearts of 40.75% of the people. Well, that’s a pretty good margin. Isn’t it? 

latest presidential polls American flag flying high in low wind
Good News for Democrats. But Republicans, no need to despair. Everything is possible when Trump is involved.

By this time, you must know who Trump and Biden are. In case you don’t know, Joe Biden is the Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential elections. Biden joined politics in the 1970s and had been the country’s vice president form 2009 to 2017. On the other hand, Donald Trump is running for the presidency from the Republican’s camp, and he is the current president of the United States. 

Before we proceed, there’s one thing to note. Polls are not necessarily always correct. As in 2016, the polls were more inclined towards Clinton, and everybody thought that Democrats would steal the show this year. But what happened. Trump won the elections and sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America. 

So, we could never be sure about them. The graph may flip 180 degrees before the big day, and we see Trump ruling the numbers. Who knows that. Maybe Trump’s supporters are shy with the polls, and only come forward on November 3rd?

If we talk about the battleground states, Biden is ruling there as well. He continues to lead Trump in…

  1. Michigan
  2. Minnesota
  3. Nevada
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Virginia
  7. Ohio
  8. New Hampshire
  9. North Carolina
  10. Arizona
  11. Florida

As clear from there above stats, the competition is very tough, and everything is possible. Plus, it is still early September, and polls are often subjective or cherry-picked to favor one candidate.

2020 presidential polls show Trump is now gaining over Joe Biden

From the second half of last year, we have been hearing that Joe Biden is gaining the lead over President Donald Trump, and there are very few chances that the President will serve another term in office. The scenario has somewhat started to shift towards President Trump’s side now, with significant poll results suggesting that President Trump is a difficult opponent to be trounced.

The President comes with a 3-point margin with 48% votes than 45% of Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Although President Trump had a more than 9-point lead in Iowa in 2016, it is still worse for Democrats.

The breakthrough came after the Republican National Convention, which significantly influenced President Trump’s position. A new morning poll conducted after the August 24th convention suggests that the President needed a pattern to bounce his position. These polls suggest a four-point improvement in President Trump’s standing.

The polls conducted before August 23rd involving 4,810 likely voters showed that Biden led 52 percent compared to 42 percent. After the convention, similar polls showed Biden’s lead dropping to 50 percent compared to 44 percent of President Trump. This might not look like a big thing to many it is very likely to have a significant impact on overall poll results to be conducted in November.

Moving forward, the latest edition of Democracy Institution has released the results of its survey. The results show that President Donald Trump is all set to serve the second term as the President in the Oval office.

According to the survey, 48% of popular support lies with President Trump, while 45% lies with Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The gap is even wider in the key states where 49% percent of registered voters supported Donald Trump, and 42% supported Joe Biden providing the President with a seven-point lead.

The Democratic Institution has been consistently showing more neutral and positive results than any other survey institution. Still, the Democratic accuse them of being more favorable to Donald Trump.

The survey was conducted among 1,500 participants who are registered US voters. It was carried out by asking the participants a series of questions answered on phone calls due to the COVID-19 threat. It is important to note that Democracy Institution has correctly predicted the 2016 Presidential Election and Brexit results.

Additionally, the poll results also show that only 3% percent of President Trump supporters and 9% of Biden supporters say that they can change their minds on election day, which further confirms the results’ legitimacy.

Elections are less than two away, and such a significant comeback from the President is a clear indicator that he is all set for his second term and will have a surprising victory just like 2016.