The Top 5 Facts About The MGTOW Movement

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Men going their way is a cultural phenomenon that gained steam recently. They shun society’s traditional roles and social norms and sustain a lot of ridicule along the way, but do they ultimately have a good point? Follow along as we explore and summarize today’s most popular men’s rights movement.

This article will teach you about the following:

  • The MGTOW Meaning
  • MGTOW Forums And Websites
  • What Is The Manosphere
  • MGTOW Rules And Beliefs

Mgtow is an understandable response to the increasing number of broken and one-sided relationships. Mgtow highlights some of the problems with the current dating scene, and it offers an alternative perspective for those who are looking for something different.

Men Going Their Own Way

MGTOW is an acronym for “Men Going Their Own Way.” The movement first gained traction online, on forums and message boards where men could connect with others who shared their anti-feminist, pro-male views.

MGTOW’s core beliefs are that society is increasingly hostile to men, that traditional gender roles are unfair, and that men should withdraw from relationships with women and the community to focus on their happiness.

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MGTOW Meaning

Many MGTOW adherents believe marriage and long-term relationships are a trap designed to take advantage of men financially and emotionally. They see divorce as an easy way for women to take half of a man’s hard-earned assets and child custody as a way for women to control and manipulate men.

MGTOW men believe that the best way to avoid these traps is to stay single and avoid relationships with women. They may also engage in “short-term dating” or “friendship only” relationships but avoid anything that could lead to a long-term commitment.

The Manosphere

The manosphere is a term used to describe various online communities, typically men, that focus on issues related to masculinity and male identity. You can find Manosphere communities in forums, social media platforms, and other online spaces.

While the manosphere is often associated with controversial and outspoken views on gender, it is essential to remember that not all men participating in these communities share the same beliefs.

MGTOW Websites

Many websites offer information and support for men who have decided to go their own way.

A few examples are:

These are just a few websites that offer information and support for men who have decided to go their own way. Each website has its focus and offers different perspectives on going your own way as a man.

MGTOW Forums

The most popular MGTOW forum is the Manosphere Forum, with over 10,000 members. Other popular MGTOW forums include The Red Pill and internet allowed these men to meet and discuss their stories.

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MGTOW 2021

MGTOW in 2021 didn’t get organized around specific values or principles beyond self-ownership. It is so potent that it attracts men with varying interests, ideals, and beliefs, including actors, musicians, economists, and conspiracy theorists.

Even if it means going against what women believe in, MGTOW wants both sexes to live together fairly and equally.


MGTOW has rules like any other movement, many different branches of thought identify as MGTOW. Some want to be left alone to work on themselves or their businesses; some men reject their traditional roles as fathers.

  • One branch believes humans need to return to nature by leaving technology altogether.
  • Others see men’s rights advocacy as the answer to fixing our unequal society.

While it’s easy to dismiss this movement as just another socially unacceptable way for men to avoid responsibility, many of its participants seek legitimate solutions to problems our society currently does not offer.

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Men going their way is a growing movement rejecting traditional notions of masculinity. The campaign believes that women should be independent and make their own decisions, while men should provide for them financially.

There’s no doubt that the MGTOW movement has some valid points.

The family court system sometimes mistreats men, and there are financial incentives for women to get divorced.

What do you think? Are MGTOW men on to something, or are they just being paranoid and misogynistic? Share this article and get a conversation going.


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