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Narcissistic Love Bombing: Understanding the Meaning, Signs, and Examples

It’s not uncommon for people to be in abusive relationships; it can happen when you least expect it. Love bombing is a tactic that abusers use to win over their targets and make them feel like they’re the only person in the world. But what exactly does love bombing mean, and how do you know if someone is trying to love bomb you?

I hope that readers can understand what love bombing is all about and how they’ll know if someone tries to manipulate them with kindness. We must stay guarded because abusers are everywhere – it could even be within our own families or friends!

Don’t let anyone take advantage of you, so get out there and find somebody who will respect you back. Have faith in yourself; everyone deserves respect from others but especially ourselves.

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What is Love Bombing?

“Love Bombing” means showering your partner with affection, gifts, or anything else that makes them happy.

Love bombing is a form of brainwashing and emotional manipulation, so even if your partner means well when they’re showering you with affection, keep your guard up because abuse victims should never feel like the only person on earth for their abuser.

What are the Signs of Love Bombing?

A common sign of narcissistic love bombing is when an abuser tries to convince their partner that everyone else in the world has wronged them, except for the victim.

Love bombing signs are when an abuser tells their target that nobody else in the world understands them except for the victim; they also try to convince their partners not to see friends and family members anymore.

Stalking, tracking phone calls, and hiding their partner’s social media profiles are all love bombing examples. The abuser will do anything to ensure that their target won’t have contact with anyone other than them.

Abuse victims should never feel like they have to stay in a relationship with someone trying to love bomb them. In some cases, abusers can become physically abusive, so you must get out of the situation as soon as possible!

What are Examples of Love Bombing?

Abusers will often take over social media accounts, so it’s difficult for victims to contact anyone outside of their relationships with abusers. It can be hard finding help if there aren’t any numbers saved into your phone because all your contacts were taken away from you by an abuser trying to love bomb you!

A narcissist uses love bombing. It’s a behavior that attempts to gain power and control over the person they are involved with. The term comes from the ’60s when young people would go on marches in opposition to something; it has since been used as a “major tactic of cult leaders”, says Stephanie Sogg at the Daily Beast.

The Love Bomber showers the object of their affection with affection, gifts, compliments, flattery, and lots of attention. They are swift to propose or exchange the idea that they should be together. The love bomber makes everything about the relationship seem perfect in every way, frequently using words like “love” and “soul mate.”

The love bomber is in love with the idea of being loved; they are “in love” with themselves and their poetic way of seeing things. They do not listen to what they are told but will always make up their version of events. They make everything about them, even making you feel bad if you don’t love them back in the way they want you to.

Love bombing is a core element of abusers, narcissists, and sociopaths who have narcissistic tendencies. It is a way for them to cover up what they are really like, that is, until it’s too late and their mask has been ripped off.

It is difficult to disentangle yourself from them since they will try to control every conversation and surround you with sycophants that continually tell you what a wonderful person you are. They can be adept at convincing people that it is all the victim’s fault and that the abuser or narcissist is entirely innocent.

Love bombing often includes lots of promises that are never fulfilled. There are many phone calls, texts, and attempts at reconciliation when it starts, even if the two people have rarely fought before.

Victims may describe many instances where the narcissist broke their promises and even turned unannounced at home once they had moved out. Love bombers often want the victim to feel like they are always on eggshells, walking on broken glass if they do not satisfy them or love bombs them enough.

How to Handle Love Bombing?

Step 1: Fully understand the situation.

Make an honest and thorough assessment of the situation and the level of abuse you are experiencing. You may feel “in love” with your abuser, but it’s essential to recognize that this is an abusive, controlling relationship that is not healthy for you or your children. Love bombing can be a form of emotional abuse, so you should track how often it happens, whether there are any threats involved, etc.

Step 2: Build up your self-esteem.

Abusers are keenly aware of which buttons to push to control their victims – they will continue to do so long after they have started showing signs of love bombing. This makes it difficult for victims to leave because they will never find someone “better” than the person currently abusing them. To ensure a healthy separation, it’s vital to build up your self-esteem and start believing in yourself before you attempt to leave an abusive situation.

Step 3: Start distancing yourself

This is one of the most challenging steps – many victims want to talk with their abusers and “work things out.” However, this only gives the abuser more control over you and prolongs your suffering. If at all possible, keep as much distance as possible between you and your abuser until you’re ready for a complete break (and hopefully completely healed).​

Step 4: Seek help from others

Part of the love bombing process is creating an isolated bubble around you and your abuser. This makes it difficult to seek help from friends or family who may provide support during this time. However, there are places that you can go for help if needed – local law enforcement, social services, legal aid offices, religious institutions, etc. Just make sure that whomever you reach out to will support what you’re trying to do. It will help if you also make plans with someone if something wrong happens while leaving the abusive situation (burning bridges).

Step 5: Be strong

Remember that even after breaking away from the person abusing you, they may continue using love bombing as a way to reel you back in. It’s essential that you stay strong and focused on your goal – breaking away from the abuser and starting over with healthier personal and professional relationships. If your sense of safety is threatened at any time during this process, make sure to reach out to someone for help immediately!

When it comes down to it, no one deserves to be abused – emotionally or otherwise. Abusers can use love bombing as a form of manipulation (it’s also known as hoovering). Keep an eye out for these signs of love bombing – not all abusers will use love bombing to control their victims, but it’s essential to be aware of the symptoms. The more you know about what may come in your relationship, the better prepared you’ll be when trying to break away from an abuser! Before the abuse escalates too far, decide whether this relationship is healthy enough to remain in or if you’re ready to move on to something else.


I hope this article helps people realize what narcissistic love bombing is all about, along with signs and examples. Most importantly, I want readers to know that no one deserves any abuse so please get out there and find somebody who will treat you right! Have faith in yourself – everyone deserves respect from others but especially ourselves.

If you’re in an abusive relationship, please do not hesitate to leave. You should never feel like the only person on earth for your abuser!

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