#NBCBlackout trends on Twitter after the network decided to do this

After the cancellation of the upcoming Presidential election debate, both Trump and Biden are now holding dueling townhall style events. We’re not sure why Trump backed out of the planned virtual debate, but we remember the last debate, so we aren’t surprised.

Here at Viable Media, we have zero hope that the television networks or even the presidential debate commission will land a good debate moderator. And by good, we mean a moderator who will keep the debate flowing and not engage in petty bickering with Trump.

In any case, NBC decided to work with the Trump campaign to air his town hall event simultaneously as Biden’s on ABC. That starting time is tonight at 8 pm eastern. Needless to say, the reactions on social media aren’t too kind to NBC right now. Here’s a small sample.

This all really seems like a liberal push to extremism. They want to boycott NBC simply for giving their candidates opponent air time, which is just totally bonkers when you really think about it. Nevermind how this would look if the roles were reversed. I say that because the fact of the matter is Trump gets free air time on NBC, CNN, and ABC daily.

If Liberals really want to boycott their favorite news networks, they should be realistic about why they are doing it. Don’t feign outrage over a simple townhall style event. They should be outraged every day over the media’s decision to value profits over good policy. More importantly, the media is choosing profits over winning the election every single day.


The liberal double standards and confirmation bias are on full display. And we get that these types of liberals want to win no matter what. We disagree because look at the costs. They are alienating people and doing Biden a huge disservice by pushing voters away.

Moreover, the presidential elections should be fair. Now I’m not saying NBC is putting on the Trump Townhall strictly in the spirit of fairness. Nevertheless giving Trump the air time certainly promotes fairness. Or at least it promotes good competition between the two presidential candidates.