Negative People: 10 Tips for Dealing with Negativity

Negative people can cause negative energy in any situation. They are always negative, and it is tough to please them. If you have ever had a negative person come into your life, this article will help! We will provide ten tips on dealing with negative people so that their negative energy no longer affects you.

Negative people are sad. They always see the worst in themselves and others. They tell you that you are not good enough, they don’t like your ideas, don’t want to do what you’re doing, and are never happy about anything. Stop being negative! Negative people are toxic; they will suck the life out of you if you let them. Negative people are nothing but a drain on others’ happiness.

Traits of Negative People

  • They tell everyone how wrong everything is and how terrible everything has been for them.
  • Please don’t listen to their stories because there’s always another side of the story.
  • They only want someone else to listen to their despair to feel better about themselves.
  • Negative people need drama in their lives to stay alive sometimes. So could you not give it to them? Don’t feed into it! Keep positive!
  • If they have a problem, it is always with everything and everyone else. Never with themselves!
  • This is why negative people suck the life out of you.
  • They can’t be happy with themselves, so they look for happiness in others. Again, please don’t give them what they want!
  • Just focus on yourself and your own goals because that’s the only way to keep going forward.
  • So stop letting them put you down! Stop putting yourself down because of them! Don’t let them bring you down every time you try to go up!
  • Negative people are very selfish creatures who will do anything to make their lives better without regard for yours.

Negative People Examples

Do you know what sucks? When someone tells you that you can’t do something, you talk yourself out of trying it. Well, guess what? You just let them win!

They told you that you couldn’t do it, so why bother trying again when they always shoot your ideas down in flames before they even get a chance to take flight.

Negative people will try to make everything a competition because they know they are not living up to their expectations. But don’t concern yourself with negativity; focus on positivity instead.

  • Negative people always look at the worst-case scenario whenever something good happens because they are afraid of failing or looking stupid.
  • They expect everything terrible to happen! And when it does, guess who gets dragged along with them? Yep, you’re right! Everyone else around them! Don’t worry about people like that, and focus on your positive experiences.

How to deal with negative people

First Step

First, you should make sure to avoid negative people whenever possible. This may be easier said than done as negative people tend to gravitate towards each other.

However, if you can remove yourself from the situation, it will no longer affect you negatively.

Adverse environments such as a toxic workplace or home environment can cause one’s harmful energy levels to rise exponentially.

Second Step

Second, we suggest that your best bet is calmness and rationality when dealing with hostile individuals.

When someone goes into an angry fit, they lose their ability for critical thinking, which means that all of their arguments have been invalidated. Because they cannot reason about anything but how mad they are, please do not give them any attention during those moments; otherwise, it could worsen.

Third Step

Third, negative people do not care about what you have to say or how it could help them be better because they are too busy focusing on their negative emotions.

Negative people only focus on themselves and what is wrong with the world. Hence, when dealing with hostile individuals, try your best to avoid making them see reason. It will not work in most cases unless somehow you can get through that emotional barrier that prevents this person from reasoning.

Fourth Step

Fourth, negative people tend always to find something negative in any situation, no matter how positive an environment you put around them. All constructive criticism given towards a negative individual goes unnoticed.

For example, if someone was very late for work every day but had tried everything within their power to avoid it and were in a hostile environment.

Negative individuals would still focus on that they are late no matter what you say or do because negative people always look for negative things.

Fifth Step

Fifth, when dealing with negative people, remember that even if there is an argument going on, try not to take part in it unless necessary because your voice will probably get drowned out anyway by this person’s constant complaining about whatever topic has been brought up.

Instead of wasting your breath trying to convince them otherwise, why not go somewhere else where you can be heard?

Sometimes it’s best to completely walk away from these situations rather than waste time arguing fruitlessly.

Sixth Step

Sixth, we suggest avoiding negativity at all costs, especially in a negative situation.

Negative people will always try to get you down and make everything seem like it is the end of the world which means that if there are negative people in your life, then do not give them any power over yourself.

Otherwise, they can influence how you act by changing what you think about things, whether this is work-related or personal matters.

Seventh Step

Seventh, avoid trying to help negative people with their problems no matter how much you want to!

Remember that negative energy spreads, so even though someone may come off as needy or desperate for some assistance when dealing with issues, all they want is attention.

Regardless, even though one might feel bad ignoring these pleas, remember that helping only makes the opposing person’s negative energy last longer.

Eighth Step

Eighth, negative people tend to have very negative thoughts about themselves and the world around them, which means they are constantly searching for someone or something to blame for their current situation.

When dealing with hostile individuals, it’s best not to try too hard because then you might end up as the target of all those negative feelings this person has bottled up inside!

Instead, let them vent without interruption because it will be much healthier for both parties involved if these emotions are stressed out by only one party.

Step Nine

Ninth, we suggest avoiding any pessimistic thinking such as “the glass is half empty” type-thinking at all costs simply because reality isn’t always going to go your way.

Negative people will try to take any negative situation and turn it into something negative just because they are negative meaning that you should not let these individuals get the best of you.


Tenth, if all else fails, we suggest finding a new place or job where there aren’t negative people who might bring down your mood. Remember, negativity spreads, so even if one positive individual were surrounded by negative energy for too long, their positivity would begin to diminish until, eventually, this person could hardly think about anything without seeing everything in a negative light.

When dealing with negative people, it’s essential to stay strong; otherwise, everyone around them begins feeling worse, which means that unless you want those dark clouds following you everywhere, keep away from them at all costs.

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Negative people are everywhere. They can come in the form of friends, family members, co-workers, or even strangers who cross your path for just a few seconds. Dealing with them is tough, and you may feel drained, frustrated, or worse yet – like giving up on life altogether.

The following list offers some tips to help manage this negativity:

1) Avoid these people as much as possible;

2) If they’re not avoidable (such as at work), try to focus on their positives instead of negatives;

3) Practice mindfulness techniques such as breathing exercises or yoga if things get too bad;

4) Lastly, remember that it’s always better to be understanding than judgmental when dealing with negative people.


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