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News from Israel 2020

Another Arab Nation normalizes relations with Israel

The State of Bahrain is all set to establish normal diplomatic relations with Israel. The president of the United States confirmed the news. In his tweet after a phone call conversation with Bahrain’s King Hamad Bin Isa al-Khalifa and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

This relationship is part of a bigger plan where the United States President claims that many more Arab countries will follow before Bahrain United Arab Emirates took this step and established diplomatic ties with Israel’s state.

The United States President termed it to be a ‘historic deal’ in his tweet. What makes it so historical in the history of both countries. Muslim countries have long considered Israel the bad guy. Mainly for its occupation of Palestine

Palestine is a sacred place not only for Jews and Christians but also for Muslims. None of the Muslim states was ready to recognize Israel as a country, but it seems that the scenario is now changing.

According to the Israeli Prime Minister, the breakthrough came after years, and many more Arab countries are likely to follow. After Donald Trump’s announcement, a joint statement by the United States, Bahrain, and Israel.

All of these see this deal as a breakthrough towards peace and prosperity in the Middle East.

A statement released by the state news agency of Bahrain confirmed the phone call between King Hamad Bin Isa al-Khalifa and President Donald Trump. The King sees this deal as a necessity for reaching a peaceful and long-lasting solution. Further committing himself to the Palestine cause

Jared Kushner, the senior advisor and son-in-law to the United States President, has spent his last few weeks in Arabian Peninsula and was already told that another Arabian country is likely to follow the UAE in a month. He termed this agreement as a historic breakthrough and a gift to the nation on the anniversary of 9/11. He also mentioned that the American President had done everything in his command to eliminate the threat of extremism and terrorism

The Sultanate of Oman welcomed that agreement, which is also likely to establish ties with Israel in the future. According to a statement from Oman national TV channel, government officials see this agreement as a new strategic path towards peace and prosperity. They also believe that this agreement will create a free Palestinian state with a capital in East Jerusalem.

However, many Muslim countries, including Iran and Turkey, condemned this act and termed it a ‘shameful’ act. In his statement, the Iranian foreign minister said that, after this agreement, Oman would be responsible for any mishap in the Gulf region caused by Israel. They also see it as a deception to the Palestine cause. The Palestinian leaders also termed it a ‘treacherous stab to the Palestine cause.’

Israel Passes More Restrictions Due To The Global Pandemic

The law will encourage the government to restrict outdoor demonstrations of more than 20 people by declaring a “Corona health emergency “during the pandemic. Not only outdoor demonstrations, people traveling more than one kilometer to attend these gatherings would also be stopped under the new law.

According to government officials, the law will be initially imposed for a week and reviewed to decide whether to extend or cancel it. The process will continue for about 50 days.

How the public responded

However, most of the public has rejected the law and gathered outside the Knesset on Tuesday to record their protest against this amendment.

Parliamentarians, opposition members, and civil rights activists also criticized the law and declared it a violation of civil rights.

“Of course [this law] impedes fundamental civil rights. We are at war. A lot of basic liberties have been hurt. The right to worship freely, the right to work, freedom of movement,” Likud lawmaker Shlomo Karai told The Media Line.

Critics say that this step is taken to stop the protests spurred across the country after the allegations of corruption and injustice surfaced against the prime minister, Netanyahu.I think we can see they are not aimed to stop the pandemic or the coronavirus but it’s a political restriction in order to stop and kill the demonstrations against NetanyahuAutYaniv SegalhorTweet

After the law was passed, Yair Lapid, the head of the opposition, tweeted: “What’s the next step? Banning the opposition leader from addressing parliament?” “They’ll say that because of the coronavirus, I can’t stand here and speak in the name of the opposition.”

However, government officials say the law is passed after an unprecedented increase in COVID -19 cases, and it will remain active only during the Covid-19 to curb an unexpected surge in cases.


One of Israel’s military bodies said that the number of deaths reported in-country on Tuesday is far greater than the United States on Tuesday.

He added that although the spring lockdown helped control the virus, the sudden uplift of lockdown without taking measures unleased drastic consequences. Israel has reported more than 1,516 deaths and 234,000 cases recently.

“We were not careful. We weren’t careful in how we emerged from the last lockdown; I think we are not doing enough to lower infection and morbidity,” the health ministry director-general, Hezi Levy, told public radio.

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