Our Mission

Viable Outreach’s mission is to raise awareness of the issues that face humanity as a whole. We target things like poverty, the environment, animals, economics, health, and safety. We also want to be the new community hub for activists to gather and collaborate.

Our Philosophy consists of 10 more major points:

  1. We will always use 100% vegan products for our activism and outreach efforts to reduce animal cruelty.
  2. Our mission is not to get people thinking about the issues but to become personally involved in taking action against them.
  3. We want everyone who visits Viable Outreach, whether at one of our events or just on the site itself, to know what they can do to participate in that awareness campaign. In other words, we don’t want readers coming out of this experience feeling helpless and without direction.
  4. Once someone has taken action towards an issue through us here at Viable Outreach, we want to encourage their “further” involvement by supplying them with the tools to spread the word about their experience (blog, videos, etc.).
  5. We will research every issue thoroughly to always provide our audience with reliable information that is both informative and easy to understand.
  6. We aim to be an all-encompassing activist/outreach website where people can come for everything they need without having to go elsewhere for bits and pieces of what they want.
  7. We allow anyone who comes here seeking help or advice on any front to feel comfortable enough in our environment so that they may offer us whatever tips or tricks they have picked up along the way themselves; this goes back to our emphasis on collaboration above all else.
  8. In the same way, we want anyone with problems of their own to feel free enough to come here and vent without the fear that they are bothering us or taking up our time.
  9. We want to maintain a strong sense of community through a user forum (that is still being developed) along with an active blog where those involved with Viable Outreach can add new posts or articles as often as they like.
  10. We want Viable Outreach to be viewed by other activist groups as non-competition and part of the solution. That means we will not shy away from picking up any slack or doing what needs to be done for everyone’s concerns to reach the maximum number of people possible—even if that means getting into areas we are not experts in because no issue exists in a vacuum.

While Viable Outreach is currently an online-only organization, the future goal is to open up chapters worldwide where anyone can join in person. Hopefully, there will be no limit on how much reach an individual can have because they are part of something bigger than themselves one day. Join us today!

For questions or comments, please email [email protected]