Ozark Season Rankings: The Best and Worst of Netflix’s Hit Show

Netflix’s Ozark is one of the most popular shows on television right now. The show follows the story of a family who is forced to relocate to the Ozarks after they get caught up in a money-laundering scheme. The first season was met with critical acclaim, and many people were eagerly waiting for the second season. Unfortunately, the second season was not as well-received as the first.

In this blog post, we will rank the seasons of Ozark from best to worst.

Ozark Season Ranks

Ozark Season One

Season one was by far the best season of Ozark. The story was engaging and thrilling, and the characters were all very likable. This season is what hooked us into the show, and we cannot wait to see what happens next.

Ozark Season Two

Season two was not as good as season one, but it was still a solid season of television. The biggest problem with this season was that it felt a bit slow compared to the first season. There were also some subplots that didn’t really go anywhere. However, despite these flaws, season two was still an enjoyable watch.

Ozark Season Three

Season three is the best season of Ozark yet. The story picks up the pace from last season, and there are some truly shocking moments. This season is a must-watch.

Ozark Season Four

Season four of Ozark is a return to form for the series. This season is just as good as season one, and it’s clear that the show is only getting better with age.

Ozark Season Five

The fifth and final season of Ozark was an excellent way to end the series. While it wasn’t quite as good as seasons one or three, it was still a very enjoyable watch. We’ll miss Ozark, but we’re glad it ended on a high note.

Best Ozark Characters

As a bonus we are also listing our favorite Ozark characters:

One of the best Ozark characters is Ruth. She is a strong, independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Another great character is Marty. He is a smart, resourceful man who always seems to find a way to get out of tough situations. The two of them together make a great team.

Darlene is also one of the most dynamic characters in Ozark, mainly since most viewers aren’t sure whether to love her or hate her.

Ozark Movie

Recently an Ozark showrunner has teased possible spin-offs to the show. So as long as interest stays high, there’s a good chance fans will get to see an Ozark movie. As of right now, there isn’t anything concrete, but when we hear for sure, we will let you know.


Do you agree with our rankings? Let us know. We are excited to hear your thoughts on the best and worst seasons of Ozark. Thanks for reading!


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