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10 useful tips to improve yourself and your self-esteem

Introduction There are many reasons and avenues for you to learn tips to improve yourself, especially in our ever-growing digital world. This post will also consider global pandemics. Because whether we like it or not, isolation has become routine for a lot of people. Why improve yourself? Improving yourself can be best equated to always putting your best foot forward. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Mainly because knowing when to step takes a good bit of discernment. That […]


Leadership skills and qualities – A transformational philosophy

This post is intended to reveal the mysteries of leadership skills and qualities. Important to note, you don’t have to be the best leader. At least at first, eventually, the goal will be to go from a good leader to a great leader. So get ready to begin your own journey to greatness. For the women, obviously. Just kidding. But seriously, though, the rewards of being a good leader abound. There are monetary rewards, influence, and power. Good leaders acquire […]

A-Z of Bad Leaders: 12 examples of terrible leadership skills

Contents Introduction to bad leadershipHow to identify bad leadersBad Leaders in BusinessBad Leaders TodayBad Leadership in Small BusinessesList of famously Bad leadersAttila the HunQueen MaryJoseph StalinAdolf HitlerIdi AminFive more terrible LeadersQin Shi HuangGenghis Khan Tomas de Torquemada    Pol Pot  Ivan the Terrible ConclusionIntroduction to bad leadership Over time, bad leaders have been given nicknames such as “tyrant,” “dictator,” and “bully.” These are all fitting names for bad leaders because they rule by fear rather than through inspiration. But what makes someone into a […]


More power: The 15 most famous leaders from the world’s history

Introduction Throughout history, there have been several famous leaders who have left their mark on the world. Some are remembered for leading their country to victory in war, while others are most well-known for their changes to society and government. This blog post will look at 20 of the most famous leaders throughout history and examine what made them so important. The most famous leaders throughout history Alexander the Great Even though he only ruled for a short time, his […]

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What is Clout Chasing: The Evolution of Impact in Society

The basics of Clout Chasing So you want to know the answer to the question: “What is clout chasing?” Well, that’s a relatively easy one. It means when someone does something with the sole intention of getting likes and followers on social media to bolster their following. For example, posting pictures of themselves at places like Starbucks or Trader Joe’s might be considered clout chasing because it shows they have money and privilege (predominantly white). But there are many other […]

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Walled gardens on the internet – meaning and examples

The term “walled garden,” is typically used in the context of social media sites. Facebook and Instagram are examples of walled gardens on the internet. As a result, these two sites control what content users will see through their algorithms and policies – filtering outposts from other platforms that may not align with their interests or values. These sites also limit their user’s ability to communicate outside of them by restricting third-party apps such as Snapchat and Whatsapp. Third-party apps […]


The Hidden Dangers: Why is amazon a bad company

In this blog post, we will explore the question is amazon a bad company. Amazon has been a global brand for over 20 years. Recently, they have faced many problems that have made the company stand out in bad ways and may change their business model in 2020. These issues include: 1) Amazon is now being investigated for potential antitrust violations by the Department of Justice 2) The online retail giant’s long-standing relationship with the United States Postal Service is […]


Why Facebook is bad for us: Facebook’s Fleeting Existence

In the last decade, Facebook has grown from a website for college students to become one of the most powerful companies in the world. From its humble beginnings as a social networking site that connected people with their friends and family members, it has expanded into an all-encompassing platform used by nearly two billion people worldwide. Many users are unaware of how Facebook can negatively affect them on both a personal and professional level. This article will explore why Facebook […]

Why Twitter is Bad for Us: The History, Usefulness, and Scandals of the Social Media Giant

Twitter is a social media giant that has been around for over 10 years. Whether you have used it in the past or not, chances are you know someone who tweets regularly. So why are so many now saying why Twitter is bad for us? This article will dive into why Twitter may not be good for us – from its history to some of the scandals associated with it and why people believe that it can potentially ruin our […]

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Is MSNBC Fake News? Yes. But Not Like You Think

Is MSNBC fake news? That ain’t an easy question. But there is a lot we can uncover through exploring. MSNBC is an American-based 24 hour paid cable news channel established on July,15,1996. The Channel covers news stories under NBC News with its own political commentary on current affairs with a technology twist. NBC was the U.S oldest radio station, established by Radio Corporation America in 1926. After few years of its creation, the National Broadcasting corporation announced its first television […]