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Braving the Storm: The ultimate Climate Activists list

Introduction – Climate Activists List Climate change has become one of the biggest threats to humanity. Considering this, it’s important to highlight how far we’ve come, continuing the fight to solve the climate crisis. Around the world, many young individuals have actively participated in creating awareness about deteriorating climate conditions.  The 2020 Climate Activists list includes activists who have been doing their part in fighting against climate change by working on an individual level as well as taking on institutional […]

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The Impacts of Plastic in the Ocean and Solutions

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about the problem of plastic in the ocean. It’s a vast and challenging issue that we can all help solve by using more reusable materials, recycling what we use, and reducing our disposable items. There are many different ways you can get involved in this movement for change! Read on to find out how. Why The world’s oceans are filled with plastic. According to National Geographic, “some 8 million metric tons of […]

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The World is Fighting Back: Causes of Air Pollution and the Solutions

The causes of air pollution aren’t so obvious, even though Air pollution is a significant problem in many parts. Many people are unaware of how bad this issue can be, especially for children who may suffer from asthma attacks when they contact air pollutants. The blog post will explore what causes air pollution and its effects on humans and the environment. This article will answer questions such as: What are some examples of air pollutants? What causes these types of […]


Fish Conservation Efforts US Sen. Richard Blumenthal introduces the Forage Fish Conservation Act

For some time now, we have been heard arguments against fish conservation efforts from animal rights groups about how fish are not as intelligent as many animals and do not feel pain. These claims are false. Fish have shown to be more intelligent than once thought; they can navigate their environment, recognize members of their own species, and use tools (such as a rock or an algae-covered log). Fish also exhibit complex social behaviors such as cooperation with one another […]


The Greta Thunberg Climate Change Rally: How it Started

Introduction – Who is Greta Thunberg Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old Swedish activist who has been protesting climate change. She began her activism at the age of 15 and was encouraged by her parents to speak out about her beliefs. Her goal is to expose the world’s leaders for their inaction on climate change and inspire people to take action for future generations. Greta became known as ‘The Girl Who Fights Climate Change’ after giving a viral speech with over […]

The Student Loan Forgiveness Guide for 2021 and Beyond

Student loan forgiveness is a big topic in recent days. Especially with the WH declaring that the covid induced moratorium on student debt would be extended to January 31. Follow along as we dig into some of the causes and effects of the countries staggering student loan debt crisis. Introduction – Student Loan Forgiveness Borrowers are fighting back against student loan debt. They are asking for student loan forgiveness. However, the government has made it more difficult for students to […]

The Effects of Sea Level Rise: Why You Should Be Concerned

The effects of sea level rise have been seen all over the world and in many different ways. For example, saltwater from the ocean has intruded into freshwater supplies for drinking and farming in Bangladesh. In Alaska, melting glaciers are causing coastal erosion that is damaging homes, villages, and infrastructure. This blog post will discuss the causes of sea-level rise and what can be done to help mitigate these issues with your lifestyle choices. We’ll also explore some resources you […]


Is the Apple brand good or bad?

Apple is one of the most popular brands in the world. So is the Apple brand good or bad? Is there any reason to complain about Apple products? Is it worth investing your time and money into an Apple product? We will answer these questions for you, as well as go over some features that are unique to Apple products. Apple, a Cupertino-based multinational American company, is one of the world’s most prominent technology companies. Founded by Steve Jobs and […]

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Banks vs Crypto: The basics of cryptocurrency investing

Introduction Welcome to the war of Banks vs Crypto. Cryptocurrencies have been booming in recent years. Recently, some banks are starting to take a stance against them. This is worrisome for people who depend on cryptocurrencies for their work. Here’s what you need to know about cryptocurrency and how it can help your activism efforts. Banks and crypto are two of the most talked-about subjects in finance. The question is can banks compete with crypto? It’s not just a simple […]

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Why Walmart is bad for the economy

Many people have been searching for why Walmart is bad for the economy, so let’s dig into the company called “Walmart.” Anyone willing to buy good quality products at lower rates prefers Walmart for clothing, grocery, electronics, sports, fruits, and vegetables. Walmart, an American multinational retail company, was established in 1962 by Sam Walton. Walmart is a retail giant. It has stores all over the country, and with such a large footprint, it’s hard to ignore its presence. The company […]