Social Media Pros and Cons: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Introduction We are living in a time of significant change. So these social media pros and cons will be determined by the global issues that arise based on environmental, social, economic, and political trends. The disadvantages of social media: Truth is lacking What does it say about a group of people that don’t value truth? More importantly, what does it say about the rest of us? Our philosophy says that people must not be acting as suitable bearers of the […]

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Trending news headlines – late 2020 edition

Contents ‘This is Paris’ reveals the truths about Hilton that no one knewWhat is This is Paris, on YoutubeHow bad Paris Hilton was treated at ProvoHow the public has responded to This is ParisConclusionNew York Attorney General, Announces Body Camera Reform Following Daniel Prude’s DeathThe details of the reformWhat the catalyst for the new reforms wasConclusionAmy Coney Barret – President Trump To Appoint A New Justice Of The Supreme CourtIntroductionTrump’s Supreme court pickWhat does Amy Coney Barret stand forHow much […]

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Weird News Stories: A Collection of Strange happenings

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen? Chances are, it’s not as strange as some of these stories that we’ve collected from around the world. Whether it’s a woman who has been stealing underwear for years or a man who was found with over 400 dead cats in his home, this post will show you what life can be like outside your comfort zone. These stories might seem bizarre and unbelievable, but they’re all true! Check out our collection […]

Consumer Activism Report: Microsoft, Tiktok and Netflix

We put together the largest flashpoint for Consumer Activism examples on the internet. This blog post will highlight the biggest and most relevant stories all consumer activists need to know. Netflix and Tiktok have been in the news lately to take down videos associated with child predators. In some cases, these companies were alerted to the content on their platforms by activists who wanted to protect children from being exploited. However, as advocates for consumer activism know, there is much […]

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The Causes of Climate Change: a Deep Look into the Science

I’m writing this for my fellow humans who wonder how they can educate themselves and do their part to help solve the causes of climate change. It’s not easy, but it is possible! This blog post will give you a few facts about what we’re up against and offer some tips on how you can take action. Let’s get started. This is a blog post for anyone who cares about climate change and wants to take action to help our […]

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All the Current and relevant Events activists need to know in 2020

When the Moria refugee camps caught fire In Greece, Europe’s largest refugee camp caught fire, leaving thousands without any shelter and food.  Located on the island of Lesbos, Moria camp has been home to thousands of refugees. Since 2015, migrants have been coming here. At the time of the fire, there were more than 12,000 people present at the campsite, and this number is four times the camp’s maximum capacity.  The fierce fire that erupted on Tuesday and a second-round […]

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Postmodernism: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Postmodernism – what is it? You may have heard the term before, but what exactly does it mean, and how can you use it to your advantage in activism work? This post will define this philosophical movement and then discuss its implications for activist work. Postmodernism emerged as a critique of modernity. It arose in reaction to the idea that history has an objective truth value. In other words, we cannot be sure whether our understanding of reality truly reflects […]

Walled gardens on the internet –  meaning and examples

Christian Bagg designed an adventurous bike for the paralyzed

Christian Bagg, a young entrepreneur and designer from Norway, has created an adventurous bike for the paralyzed. The bike is designed to make it easier for people who have lost mobility to experience outdoor life again. Christian’s first invention was a prosthetic arm that enables people with disabilities to mix their own drinks without assistance. Now he’s making biking possible for those in wheelchairs! The bike is called “The Right Bike” The bike is made from lightweight materials that can […]

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9 (Seriously Annoying) Reasons why you google bad search results

Introduction Why is Google so bad We are here to answer why you google bad search results. From sketchy business practices to full-blown deception, this post will cover it all. ‘Google it’ is a common phrase, and if you are unfamiliar with it, it means looking something up on the internet. With its enormous database, Google can show thousands of answers to your question in a matter of seconds. Plus, they can show thousands of ads. When you think about […]