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The Most Profitable Companies in the World

Who are the most profitable companies in the world? You might think that this is easy to answer, but it’s not. Many factors go into determining which company is the most profitable. For example, different industries have different profit margins, and some cost more money to run than others. Top Most Profitable Companies in the World Microsoft Microsoft has twenty-one billion dollars of revenue generated by each worker at the company over 12 months. If they can keep up this […]


National Stop Bullying Day ~ Fight Against Peer Pressure

Do you know what national stop bullying day is? It’s a national day of awareness and advocacy about the dangers of bullying. This year, it falls on October 13. Bullying has been shown to increase depression in its victims and increase the chance for suicide ideation in the victim by up to four times! Luckily there are ways we can fight against peer pressure. What is Bullying? Bullying can be defined as “aggressive behavior that causes physical or emotional harm […]

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National Coming Out Day: A Guide for the LGBTQ Community

National Coming Out Day (NCOD) is the United States and international event, observed annually on October 11 since 1988, to celebrate coming out and the LGBTQ+ community. National Coming Out Day October 11 got selected because it is both National Coming Out Day and Anne Frank’s birthday. She had spent two years in hiding before she eventually died at age 15 of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. In her diary, she wrote about her realization that she was gay, […]


Books and Teachers: Celebrating World Teacher’s Day

On October 5 of every year, people all over the world celebrate World Teacher’s Day. This day commemorates the efforts of teachers and educations systems worldwide in helping children to learn. Every year, a variety of activities are held across the world on this day. In India, for example, schools hold awareness campaigns about how important it is for children to have access to education, and there are also special movie screenings that focus on education. How World Teacher’s Day […]

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Help Celebrate National Be Nice Day – 15 Ways to Be Kind Today

Introduction – National Be Nice Day National Be Nice Day is a day where everyone is encouraged to be nice to others. The goal of this day is to bring people together through kindness. How National Be Nice Day started This day started as an Instagram account for the same purpose but has turned into much more. This account has now accumulated over 1 million followers, and posters are coming from all around the world. Examples of what can be […]

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The Panama Papers: Corruption Uncovered

Introduction to The Panama Papers The Panama Papers scandal is the most significant leak in the history of the world. The documents, which were leaked to the press by an anonymous source, revealed the names of some high-profile people who have been using offshore shell companies to hide their wealth. Politicians and celebrities have used these secret accounts to avoid paying taxes or launder money for illegal purposes for many years now. However, thanks to this data breach, we will […]

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17 Dangerous Household Products you need to be aware of

Introduction to Dangerous Household Products It is essential to be aware of the dangerous household chemicals that are lurking in your home. Chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, hydrochloric acid, and acetone can cause serious health problems if they are not correctly handled. This article will discuss 17 household products that you should avoid using because of their potential dangers. What are Dangerous Household Products? A hazardous household product is any product that has one or more chemicals that could cause illness, […]

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Genetically Modified Food: The Hype Vs. Reality of GMOs

Introduction to GMOS It is no secret that genetically modified organisms are a hot topic in the world of food production. However, many people who are not updated with GMO facts and myths might be confused about what GMOs are. In this article, we will discuss GMOs in-depth to make an educated decision on where you stand on the issue! What Are Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs are organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory setting. In […]

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The No Littering Movement: Why “Do not Litter” is the best

Introduction – Do Not Litter No littering is no joke! Litter can make your surroundings look dirty and unkempt. It can also be harmful to the environment, as it takes a long time for materials like plastic to decompose. If you want to keep your city clean, then do not litter! This article will explore why littering should not happen and what you can do about it. Why No Littering is the way The first reason why no littering should […]

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National Recovery Month: A Wonderful Time for Self-Care

Introduction – National Recovery Month National Recovery Month is a beautiful time to take care of ourselves. It can be difficult, however, when it feels like our days are already so busy. We must find ways to take care of our physical needs and indulge in activities that bring us joy and peace. This blog post will provide you with ideas on how to spend this month in recovery mode without feeling too overwhelmed or stressed out! What is National […]