Peace Activism

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Peace Activism primarily deals with war and other types of national or international conflicts. Diplomacy is a key aspect of being a peace activist.

American activists of the 20th century

The 20th century was a time of great advancement in the United States, and among those who helped shape this country are activists. These brave men and women could make change happen by using their voices, bodies, or pens. They stood up for what they believed in when people disagreed with them, sometimes risking everything. The people on this list come from all walks of life: artists, writers, union organizers, politicians… some well-known figures, and […]

Israel vs Palestine 2021 conflict explained

In this blog post, I am going to explain the Israel vs Palestine 2021 conflict. The two sides of the war are very different, with each side believing they have all the correct answers and that their way is best for everyone. There will be no middle ground reached as both sides refuse to compromise on any issue. We witness a new era of “us vs them” mentality where people can’t even agree on what’s […]

Five most tyrannical leaders of all time

The world has seen many selfless and devoted leaders who drew the human race’s destiny with their unmatched efforts and intellect. That’s why we wrote up this list of the five most tyrannical leaders of all time. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that without the help and directions of these leaders, we could never attain the level of maturity in the worldly and spiritual domains that we possess today.  It is a fact that […]

flag of israel flying high infront of a sunsetting skyline

News from Israel 2020

Another Arab Nation normalizes relations with Israel The State of Bahrain is all set to establish normal diplomatic relations with Israel. The president of the United States confirmed the news. In his tweet after a phone call conversation with Bahrain’s King Hamad Bin Isa al-Khalifa and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. This relationship is part of a bigger plan where the United States President claims that many more Arab countries will follow before Bahrain […]