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How to be a good leader – A Leadership philosophy

This post is intended to reveal the mysteries of leadership. Important to note, you don’t have to be the best leader. At least at first, eventually, the goal will be to go from a good leader to a great leader. So get ready to begin your own journey to greatness. For the women, obviously. Just kidding. But seriously, though, the rewards to being a good leader abound. There are monetary rewards, influence, and power. Good […]

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Walled gardens on the internet – Giving the term meaning and context

The term “walled garden,” is typically used in the context of social media sites. Facebook and Instagram are examples of walled gardens on the internet. As a result, these two sites control what content users will see through their algorithms and policies – filtering out posts from other platforms that may not align with their interests or values. These sites also limit its user’s ability to communicate outside of them by restricting third-party apps such […]

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Postmodernism definition and philosophy

Postmodernism definition – what is it? You may have heard the term before, but what exactly does it mean and how can you use it to your advantage in activism work? This post will provide a definition of this philosophical movement and then discuss its implications for activist work. Postmodernism emerged as a critique of modernity. It arose in reaction to the idea that history has an objective truth value. In other words, we cannot […]