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Five ways to become a political activist in 2020

Who doesn’t love a good protest? The feel of the air, the sound of chants and speeches in unison, and rallying cries for justice. But what about when you’re not protesting anything? What are you supposed to do with that energy? How can someone who cares deeply about the world around them turn their passion into something constructive and productive? You could start by reading this article. Activists have a history that spans centuries. They […]

Civil rights movement activists facts

In the 19th century, American Civil War had officially terminated slavery. But, it could not end racial discrimination as the Jim Crow Laws were enacted. The laws endorsed an oppressive racial hierarchy in Southern states and deprived the Blacks of civil rights. They were not allowed to enjoy the same rights, educational, and job opportunities as Whites. Blacks continued to suffer until the mid-20th century when they finally decided to square off against the repression. […]

Both Democrats and Republicans make every effort to win the US Senate

Georgia is holding Senate runoff elections as both Republicans and Democrats could not get more than 50% in the Nov 3rd elections. The outcome of the election planned to be held on Jan 5, 2020, will determine which party will control the Senate. For both seats of the Senate, Republicans Sen. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler will compete with Democrats Sen. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. To govern the Senate without any restriction, both Democrats […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – 4 major accomplishments from the first year

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC, is the youngest woman member of the US House of Representatives elected in 2018. AOC was just 29 when she swore her allegiance to the United States after beating Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, the former CNBC journalist and a Republican, on the June 23, 2018, elections. After swearing-in as a member of the 116th congress, AOC became the real spokeswoman for addressing the middle-income group’s issues. Wearing a striking red lip color, the […]

5 most famous leaders from the world’s history

History is immersed with great leaders who changed the destiny of their nations. They moved their people by unique ideologies and marked their names in the list of most famous world leaders. Although it is not easy to list the five most renowned leaders, we have tried to name a few here who changed the world. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a lawyer, social activist, and prominent leader in the world’s history. He was born in […]

Trump Covid relief – How the Ex president handled it

United States had reported a worse increase in COVID-19 during the past few weeks. According to Johns Hopkins, the US surpassed 11 million positive cases this weekend, almost one million more than last week. The sad thing is that more than 1000 Americans are dying every day, with the death toll reaching 250000. Related: Trump supporters hold million maga march During this situation, when Coronavirus in the US entered the most dangerous phase, President Trump […]

Donald Trumps’ legal news in overturning the 2020 Presidential election

After confirming Biden’s victory in the November 3 elections, President Trump rejected the election results and vowed to begin a legal campaign to fight the 2020 election results tooth-and-nail. “Million MAGA March” Supports Trump’s Claims Of Irregularities In The Election Thousands of Americans marched in Washington on Saturday, backing Trump’s claims of fraud in elections. The rally termed as “Million MAGA March” included Trump’s supporters holding flags and shouting the USA!” USA!” “We want Trump! […]