Us Presidential Elections

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Us Presidential Elections mainly focused on 2020. Read about it here and go for an occasional dive into Presidential election history

Donald Trumps’ legal news in overturning the 2020 Presidential election

After confirming Biden’s victory in the November 3 elections, President Trump rejected the election results and vowed to begin a legal campaign to fight the 2020 election results tooth-and-nail. “Million MAGA March” Supports Trump’s Claims Of Irregularities In The Election Thousands of Americans marched in Washington on Saturday, backing Trump’s claims of fraud in elections. The rally termed as “Million MAGA March” included Trump’s supporters holding flags and shouting the USA!” USA!” “We want Trump! […]

Donald Trump News stories – Late 2020 edition

Welcome to Trump’s world; here, you will find a full package of Donald Trump News stories. What that package contains is a matter of perspective or interpretation. Yes, I  am talking about United states President and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, a master of creating facts and realities. Although it seems impossible to cover his never-ending list of peculiar assertions, I have selected three claims that he has made during his campaign. US has the lowest […]

Trump and Biden election news and recap from 2020

Election 2020 is just a memory now. So, this is the right time to look back at some of the differences between the candidates. As each candidate made ambitious and appealing promises, only one would inevitably win the presidency The presidential election 2020 scheduled for November 3rd, 2020. Before the final round, all the White House aspirants were actively engaging with the public, trying their best to win their hearts so that they could confirm […]