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Positive news stories – Late 2020 edition

positive news stories

Join us as we go through a series of positive news stories carefully selected to bring to you. You are probably looking for happy news today, so with that said, we’ve got your back.

California inmates became activists to help a student in need

Life is a circle of happiness, sorrow, and hard time. Sometimes, it brightens us by bringing unexpected gaiety, while others mark a grueling journey. That time appears to be most prolonged, and we feel being assaulted from all sides.

In such a painful period when you are alone and there is no one to wipe your tears, people become a source of happiness. No matter how alone they are, no matter how difficult their life is, they choose the mission of spreading happiness in the world.

This is what happened in California Soledad State prison, where a group of inmates raised $30,000 for a student named Sy Green. Surprisingly, these prisoners who planned to help a needy boy have been given life sentences. Despite spending years behind bars in the darkness of the prison, they became a light for Green.

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Sy, a student at Palma school, was struggling to pay a monthly tuition fee of $1200.  Unfortunately, he could not arrange the money as both his parents suffered from medical emergencies.

In the most challenging times, when he could not find any solution. These inmates or “brother in blue” collected money from inside the prison to help Sy. This money was more than needed for his graduation. Green will attend college at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco even by using the remaining dollars.

After receiving money raised by inmates, Sy Green thanked hundreds of people who sacrificed for him. He said their altruism would keep him motivated throughout his life, and he will try his best every day.

One of these people, Bryant, said that it was just a humble effort from his team and they did it for a good reason. He said they just wanted to do good things, and if all the people start thinking like this, this world would be a better place.

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A few years ago, Palma School, an elite boy school in Salinas, California, decided to partner with Soledad State Prison. The collaboration was initiated to bring the students and inmates together to develop understanding between them.


They started a reading program between two groups to discuss literature themes. However, this story reveals that this association has become a bond of passion and empathy rather than understanding.

The most positive news story of 2020 – A Divine Soul On The Earth

Positive news stories - Late 2020 edition

This world is a place for all sorts of people, having different goals in life. Some live chasing their personal pursuits, while others value humanity more than everything.

This group sets generosity as the sole purpose of life and takes different routes to accomplish this goal. Some serve humanity by feeding the hungry, and others do so by providing the homeless shelter and dejected basic life amenities. However, some even don’t hesitate to become part of life-saving programs.

One such example is Yale’s university soccer player Sarah Jordan who is on saving lives since 2018. Young and enthusiastic, Sarah was just 19 when she registered as a bone marrow donor through the program “Be The Match.”

In 2019 it was the first time when she donated her bone marrow stem cells to an anonymous Encino person named Michael Silberstein, becoming his hope when he had nothing to hold to.

Michael, a father of a cute six-year-old girl named Nessah, was identified with a severe form of Leukemia called AML. He was desperate when doctors suggested the bone marrow transplant as the only treatment of disease, but he did not find any match.

A life-saving procedure

Last year, Sarah decided to donate her bone marrow to Michael after finding out she was a match and saved his life. After a year, Sarah contacted the woman who conducted the donation to seek information about the receiver. She also expressed a desire to meet Michael.

On November 13, Silberstein reached out Mandi Schwartz organization to express gratitude when he was celebrating the first anniversary of a bone marrow transplant. He was stunned and frozen when his doctor asked him,” do you want to meet your donor”? He replied, yes, he wants to see that virtuous soul who bestowed him the gift of life. Silberstein knew that he survives because of Sarah’s help, so he was eager to meet her.

Last Tuesday, November 1, when 52-year-old Michael Silberstein met his match Sarah Jordan via video call. Separated by almost 3000 miles, their eyes welled with tears and emotions when they faced each other through zoom.

Putting hands over their faces, both Sarah and Michael, flooded with generous emotions, could not say a single word for a moment. Michael said that he realized her as a divine soul and a piece of God in this world when he saw her.

Sarah and Silberstein’s story is one example of the many that teach us the lesson of humanity. It was not just a story but a triumph of humanity over Leukemia and a reminder, how small steps can prove life gifts for others.

As it is said,  “That’s what I consider true generosity: You give your all and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing.”…(Simone de Beauvoir).

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