Pranav Lal – A visually impaired photographer who broke the stereotype associated with blindness

Not everyone is born with all sense and physical and mental health intact. Some are blessed with deeper powers at the cost of either sight or hearing. Not having a vision does not mean they don’t see. They see, in fact, they see better than us, and that is special to them.


Pranav Lal wearing specially designed glasses for the visually impaired

Well, it’s quite unfair to tag them disabled.  Instead, they are special as they feel the nature within themselves. It is nature that bestows them the power and the courage not to take their limitation for an infirmity, but as a powerful and, the ability to do the undone.’  

Saying that, there is one example that perfectly fits our sketch, Mr. Pranav Lal is a Delhi-based cybersecurity specialist. The 32-Year-old Lal was born blind as he was suffering from Retinopathy at the time of birth. But his blindness did not dither him from choosing photography as a hobby. He broke the stereotype, correlated with visual impairment that a blind person can never capture things.

Pranav believes that all barriers can be tackled. Believing that, he carries his camera wherever he goes in the hope of capturing some beautiful moments. Among his favorites are clicking the pictures of historic buildings, landscapes, nature, machinery, and Lodhi Gardens, located in New Delhi.

“It is iconic. It has everything: greenery, structures, animals, and water – adding a lot character to the place,” says Pranav.

Being not able to see, it was quite a challenge for him to pursue his passion, but until 2011 when he found a technology called “The vOICe.” This was a life-changing moment for Lal, as the software founded by Dutch engineer peter Meijer scans the images and converts them into sound- everything Lal needed to accomplish his dream.

How the technology works

Lal’s pillar of hope, “The vOICe,” consists of glasses fitted with a camera. The software processes perfectly on both the Android devices and Raspberry Pi computers. The mechanism behind its working links to artificial intelligence. The application translates the live camera views into sound using breakthrough technology, determining what a person is looking at.

While moving from left to right, the camera scans the objects and records the sound’s pitch and loudness. Pitch represents the elevation of objects, while the louder sound reflects a brighter object. The higher the pitch, the higher the object’s elevation, and the higher the loudness, the brighter the object.

The new tech is like Virtual Reality for blind people


Pranav Lal is an example for people who can not see, can not hear, can not speak, yet have the enthusiasm to do something. If you have such a story, do not hesitate to share, and share it in a way that reaches out to all the ears and inspires the thousands to pursue their passion.  

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