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Science Activism aims to influence change using the scientific method. It’s a rarer form of activism because scientists are supposed to be objective. However, more and more scientists see the light.

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The Best Inventions of All Time: Ranked From Most Well-Known to Least Known

The best inventions of all time are typically the ones that have changed the world. The best inventions are usually simple in their design, but they have had a lasting effect on society. These best inventions can be anything from pharmaceuticals to hand tools and everything in between. This article will go over some of the greatest innovations of all time and rank them from most well-known to least known. Greatest Inventions of All Time The Wheel The wheel allows […]


12 End of the World Scenarios Humanity Must to Know

This article will explore 12 end of the world scenarios. It is a certainty that one day the world will end. But when? What will happen before it does, and what are some of the most common scenarios that could occur? End of the World Scenarios Asteroid Impact One theory about how our planet came into existence is that a large asteroid collided with Earth in its early days. If another asteroid were to hit us in modern times, we […]

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Future Technology Predictions: How technology might evolve in the far future

Technology is constantly evolving and changing Some of the most popular futuristic technology predictions involve time travel, human cloning, and telepathy. But what will this future really look like? In this article, we will discuss our future technology predictions for how technologies might evolve in the far future. Next, we will discuss some of the most popular futuristic technology predictions that involve: Time travel This would allow humans to go back and forward in time which is very exciting but […]

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Why you shouldn’t be scared of Artificial Intelligence: The ABC’s of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic these days, but it’s been around for decades. Artificial intelligence has evolved significantly in the last few years and promises to proliferate over the next decade. What Is A.I? Some have misconceptions about it. Artificial intelligence is the idea of machine-created, intelligent behavior. It can be thought of as an extension to traditional programming whereby the computer is not simply following instructions but instead learns from its environment and makes decisions based on […]

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Futurism 101: What is Futurism and Who are the Noteworthy Futurists

Futurism is a way of thinking about the future by looking at current trends and extrapolating them into the near or distant future. It’s not predicting the future but rather imagining what it might be like. The term futurist was coined in 1909 when Italian writer Filippo Tommaso Marinetti published his Manifesto of Futurism. In this manifesto, he called for an art that represented modern life’s speed, violence, and dynamism. Today, many futurists study everything from technology to economics to […]


Colonizing Mars: Elon Musk’s Vision and Our Future in Space

Humanity has gained interest in colonizing Mars over the last century. This interest began after Mariner 4 took pictures of the planet’s red, dusty, desolate surface. The first man to successfully land on the moon was Neil Armstrong, and it happened on July 20th, 1969. The fascination with Mars was fuelled by ideas of a new frontier for humanity. The human race has not stopped its efforts in exploring space. NASA is planning a human-crewed mission to Mars and exploring […]

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Comet Interceptor – A Look Into How fast Science is Evolving

Long before the Comet Interceptor was ever dreamt up, humans have looked to the sky to estimate time, navigate oceans, decide when to plant their crops, and many other purposes. Since the old-time, the sky’s significance in our lives intrigued the people to explore its vastness and complexity. Introduction Over time science has evolved so much that humans got new instruments and machines to see various astronomical phenomena. Significantly, the last century has seen massive progress in Astronomy. Astronomers developed […]