Shareable Blog Post Ideas and Trending Subjects for Your Next Article

What do I need to know about shareable blog post ideas?

You’ve blogged about the same thing one too many times. You’re running out of blog post ideas, and you feel like your blog is stagnating. What’s a blogger to do?

There are several ways bloggers can get blog post ideas, but these three methods are some of the most effective:

Bloggers can search trending topics on social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter; they can research trends in their niche based on Google Trends, or they can brainstorm blog posts with other writers in their niche.

How Do I find more shareable blog post ideas?

First, blog post ideas can be found by searching trending topics on social media. Facebook and Twitter are excellent places to start if a blogger wants blog post topic ideas. People often use these platforms to talk about politics, current events, or popular culture.

In fact, according to Smart blogger, the most influential blog posts for driving traffic were created in response to breaking news stories.

So bloggers who want their blog posts read should consider how they can respond quickly when something happens that is relevant to their niche — whether it’s an election result or a celebrity death.

Next up: find blog post ideas based on Google Trends! This platform tracks what keywords and phrases people search online, so marketers know which terms will drive more traffic and conversions than others.

One blog post that generated over 300,000 page views in one year was titled “Here’s Why You’re Not an Expert Yet.”

  • The blog author used Google Trends to study the most popular search terms and phrases related to his niche.
  • He then created a blog post about why people should keep learning if they want to be successful even though they already had some experience under their belt.

Finally, finding blog post ideas requires brainstorming with others who write for blogs or websites similar to yours. Sometimes bloggers need help coming up with blog posts because it can be difficult to know too much about your topic.

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What’s a good summary of shareable blog post ideas?

Here’s a quick summary of blog post tips. Remember, only you know what’s best, so take your time and digest all of my advice.

1. Brainstorm topics you enjoy talking about

2. Read blogs in your niche to find topics they’ve written about

3. Follow industry experts on social media and see what articles they’re posting

4. Ask friends, family, or coworkers for blog post ideas

5. Browse the “most popular” section of a site like Medium or Buzzfeed for inspiration

6. Do a Google search with terms related to your topic and see what comes up

7. Look at trending hashtags on Twitter and explore those conversations using Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to get an idea of what people are talking about in real-time

What are popular topics for sharing blog posts?

I recommend writing evergreen articles that don’t require a lot of research like the ones listed below (research through Google is getting more difficult). That’s also why I recommend Google Trends over Google Search.

– Top 12 cooking tips

– How to eat healthy on a budget

– 10 things you need to stop doing for your mental health

– What I learned from my first year of entrepreneurship

– Top 3 meditation mistakes to avoid

– The secret to being happier in your 30’s

– Best practices for goal setting

– How to use the nocebo effect to reach your goals

– Ways you are destroying your happiness without knowing it

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I brainstormed blog posts that might appeal to readers like you by looking at several popular blogs within my industry. If none of these blog post ideas inspire you, feel free to use this guide as a starting point — and remember: there’s no such thing as too many blog posts.


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