Shocking Facts about Facebook Users Data Leaks

The recent Facebook users data leaks have made the public question whether or not a company such as Facebook should be allowed to have its users’ private information.

The European Union is already investigating how this happened and what they can do about it.

However, for now, we still don’t know who was targeted by Cambridge Analytica in the 2016 presidential election and what their goal was.

We need to take action so that nothing like this ever happens again on social media – our privacy needs to come first!

What Happend with Facebook User Data Leaks?

The company was accused of mishandling user data and violating privacy by allowing third-party apps to access information without explicit consent. These accusations come amidst a long history of questionable practices by Facebook regarding handling user data and their role as a gatekeeper for content, which is especially concerning given that they are one of the largest sources for news today.

As if this wasn’t enough, revelations about how Cambridge Analytica used public information from Facebook users to create targeted ads during the 2016 election sparked widespread outrage with many demanding policy changes, including increased transparency around political advertising on Facebook and stricter policies around what kind of information can be collected about users.

On March 21, 2018, it was reported that a software engineer from Cambridge Analytica had been caught bragging about how his company managed to sway the 2016 US presidential election.

The article goes on to say that he claimed, “We did all of the research. All the data, all the analytics.”

What other Facebook privacy breaches are there?

In 2015 Facebook sold user data to advertisers, who then used this information for targeted advertising campaigns.

Furthermore, we are now learning more about how many children under 13 years old signed up for Facebook before being forced by law at age 13 to be removed – 12 million! This is unacceptable, and as parents, we need to do something about our children’s digital

What was The AggregateIQ data leak?

A cache of Facebook user data was found on an unsecured server and accessed without permission from users or Facebook. The information consisted of more than 533 million records that revealed intimate details about people’s lives, including their friends, interests, religion, political views, and their location at various points in time – all with no consent from those involved.

What Damage has Facebook data leaks caused?

The damage includes contact information, phone numbers, email addresses, and private messages sent by other users. The worst part is that this breach included access tokens, giving third-party developers nearly full control of those accounts.

This leak was discovered by a security researcher named Chris Vickery, who found an unsecured Amazon S3 server containing files from Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), that had been distributed in violation of their terms of service on January 17th.

These files contained the aforementioned sensitive user data on millions of people around the world – including Americans. In addition to this data being stored in

As this story unfolds, it is important to remember that there are steps you can take to protect yourself online: be very careful what you post publicly on social media sites and always make sure your privacy settings are set correctly so that only the people you want to see your posts can see them.

Is Our Facebook Privacy no longer ours?

Data privacy protection has emerged as an important issue that affects all of us.

It seems that every day there’s another story about how some company mishandled private user data or violated people’s trust by selling their information to third-party companies who don’t have good intentions with this sensitive info–and it doesn’t seem like anyone is doing anything


With the recent Facebook scandal, many people are left wondering how to best protect themselves from corporations and other entities that wish to profit off their personal information. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of ways to keep your information safe!

Have you had your say about all the facebook users data leaks? Tell us in the comments below if you think Facebook should share your personal data with third parties without asking for permission first.


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