Slacktivism is exactly how it sounds.  It’s activism for slackers. In other words the lazy type of activism.  The types of activists who just want to sit around and write on social media. Or engage in polls and surveys.

After the cancellation of the upcoming Presidential election debate, both Trump and Biden are now holding dueling townhall style events. We’re not sure why Trump backed out of the planned virtual debate, but we remember the last debate, so we aren’t surprised. Here at Viable Media, we have zero hope […]

#NBCBlackout trends on Twitter after the network decided to do this

Recently Netflix released a movie titled “Cuties.” The film is a coming of age story about some young girls. Afterward, allegations of exploitation started swirling around the internet. Even American Politicians were getting in on the finger-pointing action. #CancelNetflix started trending among the calls to boycott the video platform. There […]

What consumers need to know about Netflix   Recently updated !